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Jake Vargas Admits Relationship Problems With Bea Binene

Jake Vargas admitted he and girlfriend Bea Binene are having relationship problems. This was after he denied earlier that their relationship on the rocks based on rumors that they have already broken up.

He did not confirm whether or not they are still together, but Jake admitted that Bea is having problems with him. Bea is looking for more time from him.

He wanted to fix their problems, but he does not understand what more Bea wants from him since he's trying very hard to work out their relationship.

The two have already broken up before, but Bea forgave Jake. This time, Jake is seemingly finding it hard to court Bea again because he felt that they have not matured in their relationship.

Before, the couple had problems because of Jake's friends and his other vices. Bea has already understood so much about him, the actor said.

But Jake added he's trying his best for him and Bea to be okay. He admitted that Bea is becoming jealous again of his time for his friends.

Bea thinks his friends are bad influence on him, but Jake said that she should not judge them because she hasn't met them yet.

Jake would always tell her that his priority is their relationship, and not his friends. Bea, in a separate interview, said her priority is her career and her family.

It hurts him that Bea thinks that way, but it's okay, the actor said.

The two have a new movie entitled "Liwanang sa Dilim," but Jake assured their loveteam won't be affected by their issues because they started from being a loveteam anyway. He is sure they can still work to promote the movie together.

Jake is actually open to letting Bea walk away since they are both young, anyway. Maybe in the future, if they are really for each other, they'll find their way back.

The actor said he is willing to adjust himself to what Bea wants, but he does not understand why she just cannot accept him.

When asked if he still loves Bea, Jake unabashedly said "oo naman."

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Jake Vargas Admits Relationship Problems With Bea Binene

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