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Toni Gonzaga, Paul Soriano Engaged

Longtime couple Toni Gonzaga and Paul Soriano are finally engaged. The couple made the announcement in the February 1 episode of "The Buzz."

Netizens already speculated that the two are engaged when Toni's "Home Sweetie Home" co-star Sandy Andolong referred to Toni as a "loving fiancee" when she greeted her on her Instagram account.

Sandy later on apologized to the couple, adding that because they have been together for seven years, it's much more romantic to think of Toni as a fiancee rather than a girlfriend.

Speculations furthered when Toni was a no-show during the January 25 episode of "The Buzz."

It was Paul himself who announced their engagement, saying that Toni has been the best blessing in his life and he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

The two admitted their relationship on "Boy and Kris" in 2007.

Before confirming their engagement, though, Toni clarified some issues regarding a supposed rift with her Mommy Pinty because she apparently left their home.

Toni said she cannot fight with her parents. Although they had misunderstanding at times, she was thought never to get angry at her parents. She said it wasn't true that they had an argument.

She also denied that she's pregnant. In fact, she even revealed that she has just finished her period. The TV host said that's when her mother would get angry--if she becomes pregnant without getting married first.

She decided to be absent last Sunday because she didn't want to lie to Kris Aquino and Boy Abunda since she considers them her family. She wants to cherish what happened that day.

The engagement happened after Toni's birthday dinner at their house on January 21. The dinner happened at January 20 while the engagement took place at around 12:30 a.m.

Paul said he had the ring in his pocket the whole dinner, but he was waiting for the right time. It happened when they were in the house already, when Toni was already in her house clothes and was ready to sleep.

She was ready to sleep already, Toni said. Her sister, Alex, was in ther oom with her, and they were talking about stuff. Alex told her that Paul didn't propose, and that it's only right he didn't because it will be predictable if he did it on her birthday.

Then, Paul went up the second floor of their house, which he didn't do. He was with her parents. Paul then looked for Alex because he wanted to propose in front of Toni's whole family.

Alex even run away because she doesn't want to hear it. Paul then went after her. When finally Alex went back, Paul started speaking, but he wasn't able to hold back his tears.

Before that, Paul already talked with Toni's parents. Mommy Pinty said it was about time he proposes. He asked for their blessing.

He went down on one knee and asked Toni the question. Before he was done with the question, Toni already said "yes."

They will get wed this year, Paul said.

Toni said she was touched when her mother said she can take her savings with her already because she's about to start her own family.

Paul explained to Toni that money will never be an issue with them. Although she earns 10 times more than him, he still wants to provide for her. "And the fact that I asked her, means that I can provide for her for the rest of her life."

Paul said Toni is a simple girl who wants the simple things. Outside the camera, they both want a simple life.

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Toni Gonzaga, Paul Soriano Engaged

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