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Luis Manzano Not In A Rush To Propose To Angel Locsin

Luis Manzano is not rushing to propose to girlfriend Angel Locsin and join the bandwagon of celebrity proposals and weddings last year.

Ever since they have gotten back together early 2014, a lot have been speculating that it's only a matter of time before the two tie the knot.

Luis said that it's important for him to wait for the right time for both of them before he sets things up. It would be unfair for both of them if they decide to get married just because the fans want them to.

When they finally decide to tie the knot, they want the decision to come from them, and not from other people.

If he proposes, Luis prefers to do it privately and not in front of the public. They would share it eventually, but he wants the power to choose which to share and which to keep private.

He never thought of proposing to Angel in front of the public or in front of the camera. Angel herself wants a simple proposal and an even simpler wedding. She wants their union to be more intimate.

He cannot say yet if the proposal will happen this year because they are both very busy with their work. "So, we’ll just wait what will happen."

Will religion be a problem for them? Angel is a Born-Again Christian while Luis is a Catholic. The TV host said that's not going to be a problem because even though he was raised a Catholic, he also has some Christian beliefs.

As for their wedding, he believes that the Catholic Church does not allow beach and garden wedding. However, Luis said they still have to talk about their religions. They discussed about having kids and what their religion would be. Luis said they will cross the bridge when they get there.

Even though he hasn't proposed to Angel, they are already talking about getting married, Luis said. He added that a proposal is only a formality, but they openly talk about these things ever since they got back together.

In their timeline, it's more realistic to expect that he will propose this year. However, a wedding may be far-fetched.

Luis said he is not being pressured by his mother, Batangas Governor and Star For All Seasons Vilma Santos, on having a kid. He joked that if his mother really wants a grandkid, maybe she can ask that from Ryan Christian, his younger brother.

Seriously, though, it's not right for both of them to allow themselves to be pressured just because his mother wants a grandkid. It's still better if they will do these things for themselves.

Before, his mother doesn't want to be a grandmother yet. But now, she and Senator Ralph Recto are always joking about having someone to play with.

Meanwhile, Luis said he's still 50-50 when it comes to his political plans. They are discussing things informally, but there are no concrete plans yet.

What he is sure is that he will be serving in Batangas. As for the controversies in politics, Luis already expects things to be thrown at him. In showbiz, he has already mastered the art of ignoring these things.

As an actor-TV host, he already has a lot of bashers, so he is sure they will multiply once he enters politics. However, Luis said he already grew up in that environment.

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Luis Manzano Not In A Rush To Propose To Angel Locsin

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