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James Yap Gives Birthday Message For Kris Aquino

"Basta stay happy."

This is the birthday message of basketball superstar James Yap to his ex-wife Kris Aquino, who will be celebrating her birthday on Valentine's Day, February 14.

James, on the other hand, will celebrate his birthday on February 15. Kris is 44 while James is 33.

Although they don't give gifts to each other anymore, what's important is that they do not forget to greet each other during birthdays. No matter what happens, Kris is the mother of his son, James said, and he owes her respect for that.

The baller is also thankful that he has an exceedingly positive relationship with Kris that the controversial TV host now allows him regular bonding time with their son, Bimby.

That's what he has always prayed for, James said, adding that one of their bonding sessions is playing basketball.

Whenever he comes to visit their seven-year-old son in Kris' house, what they do is play hoops. Aside from teaching him how to play the game, he also wants Bimby to be disciplined.

For example, Bimby get tired while shooting hoops. James will tell him that he cannot rest until he shoots two balls in a row. To his surprise, Bimby will eventually shoot the ball.

James also remains close to Kris' eldest son, Josh. Whenever he comes to visit, Josh would always hug him and ask him to hold his hands. Josh also wants James to drive his car. That was their bonding before.

The baller said he is happy that Josh remains warm to him. After all, he also grew close to him because they spent a lot of years together.

He shared that Josh is also a good ball shooter, and he has grown healthy and behave. James said he will continue to be a father figure to Josh because he grew up with him already.

He loves both Bimby and Josh, James added.

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James Yap Gives Birthday Message For Kris Aquino

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