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Vice Ganda Refuses To Introduce New Flame

Vice Ganda has already admitted he is inspired with someone else now, but he refused to reveal the identity of this person.

He said that it doesn't mean that just because he's inspired, this person is already his boyfriend. What's important is that he's very happy to be inspired by this person.

They don't have plans to go out this Valentine's Day because they want to remain private. Maybe they will just spend it in his house.

Vice said he is super romantic and he makes an effort to make his partner feel special. As for him, it is very easy to make him happy--even a takeout of his favorite "pares" is enough.

In fact, even a date in the parking area of Burger King makes him happy. That's what they usually do, although he doesn't want to reveal what branch.

Sometimes, in the middle of the night, they crave for something, Vice and his friend would go to Burger King and eat in the parking lot. They are really very simple, the comedian said.

Vice said he's not demanding when it comes to love. He doesn't demand the same love he gives because that's not love at all. If his partner cannot give that same level of affection to him, he will find a way to search for it somewhere else.

Meanwhile, Vice said he continues to support his friend, Kris Aquino, for what her family is going through. Her brother, President Noynoy Aquino, has been the subject of criticisms not only of ordinary people, but of other celebrities as well.

This was in connection to the deaths of 44 members of the PNP-SAF in Mamasapano in Maguindanao province in Mindanao.

Vice shared that they talk about these issues, and he makes sure Kris knows he's there for her. However, Vice admitted that they have different opinions when it comes to what happened.

Still, that doesn't mean that he will speak ill of Kris. He continues to pray for her, her family and the country.

Vice also reacted to the engagement of his friend, Toni Gonzaga, to director Paul Soriano. He said he's touched by the way Direk Paul proposed to Toni because it was very natural and intimate.

He feels like Toni's younger sibling, too, because he's very happy for her. He knew Toni for a long time, so he witnessed how she was when her relationship with Paul was just starting. He saw how happy Toni was.

He cannot think of what advice to give Toni because only she knows how to take care of her marriage to Direk Paul. They truly deserve each other, Vice said.

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Vice Ganda Refuses To Introduce New Flame

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