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Jerika Ejercito Wants To Apologize To Kris Aquino, Stands By Her Post

Jerika Ejercito, the daughter of Manila Mayor Erap Estrada, said she wants to apologize to Kris Aquino for what she posted on Facebook about her.

Jerika earlier said Kris bullies her guests on "Aquino & Abunda Tonight" and on "Kris TV." Her "poor guests" are being publicly humiliated because she needs to be "brutally honest." However, Jerika said Kris herself cannot handle the truth.

This was amid Kris' taking of her brother's, President Noynoy Aquino's, side during the criticisms against him because of the Mamasapano incident that called 44 PNP-SAF members. Kris even unfollowed a number of her showbiz friends because they spoke against the President.

Kris has since then apologized to her followers and to her friends. PNoy was criticized for not attending the heroes' welcome for the Fallen 44.

In an interview, Jerika said she was not surprised that her father, Mayor Erap, decided to apologize to Kris because he's a "true gentleman."

"We may have opposing views on certain things but, at the end of the day, we respect each other’s views and it doesn’t affect our personal relationship as father and daughter."

She will find the time to apologize to Kris at the right time, but she doesn't want to do it now when the issue is still fresh. Jerika complained that people have been saying she's starved for attention when she was not the one who made a big deal out of a "simple observation."

She knows her choice of words were "callous and reckless," especially because she was once in her shoes. If she ever has the opportunity, Jerika will make sure to apologize to Kris.

Jerika explained that her post was not a character assassination, and it's not even an opinion. She is sure Kris is an "amazing" person and a loving friend to many.

"I apologize for being inconsiderate and insensitive and for voicing out my observation recklessly, but this does not mean it devalues my observation."

Jerika said she is grown enough to learn humility, but she understands where her errors and convictions lie.

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Jerika Ejercito Wants To Apologize To Kris Aquino, Stands By Her Post

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