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Claudine Barretto Subtly Breaks Her Silence

A picture could be worth a thousand words. This was probably what Claudine Barretto was thinking when she posted a photograph of her husband Raymart Santiago’s Porsche. One may ask, what is the relevance of that picture? To many showbiz observers, it may mean a lot as it dismisses some malicious intrigues hurled at the Santiago couple lately.

Last week, the Barretto sisters (Claudine, Gretchen, and Marjorie) drew media frenzy when Gretchen and Marjorie posted controversial messages over the social media (Instagram to be particular). Gretchen somehow implied that Claudine ‘did something’ to Raymart’s Porsche.

According to local gossipers, rumors have been circulating that Claudine allegedly sold Raymart’s Porsche without his full knowledge and consent. That was implied and echoed by Gretchen’s talked about social media shout outs last week.

For the past several days, Claudine kept silent about the issue. She may not have faced the media reporters to air her side. But last Sunday (April 21), she finally broke her silence. She did not say or post any direct written message over her Twitter and Instagram accounts (@itsmeclaudineb and claubarretto, respectively). But the picture dismisses Gretchen’s implied accusations about the Porsche. Here's the picture posted on her Instagram:
claudine barretto porsche
Gretchen and Marjorie did not directly name Claudine as the object of their social media posts. But it has been very obvious that they were talking about her on their messages. Thus, many observers were curious, did Claudine really sold or ruined that controversial Porsche?

Claudine put two consecutive posts at her Instagram account, which was also linked to her Twitter. The first post was accompanied by the caption: ‘The Controversial Porsche.’ It featured a picture of the rear side of the car, while it is being parked in a garage along with several other vehicles.

As if that was not enough, Claudine put a second post. This time, the photograph featured her and her daughter Sabina, while the two of them seem to be cleaning the car. The caption read: ‘Raymart’s Porsche 1.’ Both posts drew replies from her followers, which mostly aired their support for the actress.

This next chapter in the latest feud among the sisters is an indication that this issue is far from getting over. It is expected that in the coming days, Claudine would grace an interview to talk about this controversy, especially now that there are speculations that she is about to make a big comeback to show business.

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Claudine Barretto Subtly Breaks Her Silence

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