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Janine Gutierrez Answers Intrigues, Denies Enzo Pineda Has A Thing For Her

Janine Gutierrez said she does not have that many bashers now compared to before when her loveteam with Elmo Magalona was introduced. There are still many fans of Julie Anne San Jose and Elmo, or most commonly referred to as JuliElmo.

Janine and Elmo have already confirmed they are in a relationship. She has a good relationship with the Magalona family, especially with Pia Magalona. She sees them sometimes. Besides, they support not only her and Elmo, but their shows as well.

When Elmo's sister, Saab, got married to Jim Bacarro in Baguio City, Janine was there with Elmo and his family. It just so happened that Lauren Young, Elmo's ex-girflriend, was also there. Janine said there was no awkwardness because they don't have issue anyway.

They even greeted and talked to each other. Elmo also said Lauren during the wedding, and was able to talk with her for a bit.

There were rumors that Enzo Pineda has a crush on her. It's impossible, Janine said, adding that Enzo has a non-showbiz boyfriend.

She and Elmo are both jealous. When was the last time she got jealous? Janine said they never had a big argument about this.

Asked about Janine's bashers, Elmo said she is sure that his girlfriend can take it because she has a strong personality. He is hoping they can spend their first year anniversary soon.

Asked if he plans to join the Cosmo Bachelor Bash, Elmo said he has to work out more. And he will only join if Janine will allow him. At this, his girlfriend laughed and said she will be at the front row.

He likes working out when he has the time, but he's focused on his career now. The last time he worked out was during the holidays.

How about Janine? Will she say yes to being an FHM cover? Elmo joked that it's a different issue, but Janine said there's no need to talk about it now because she's not going to allow it.

Because he's a bit conservative, Elmo will most likely not allow her to do a sexy pictorial.

He also does not believe that Enzo has a thing for Janine because they are all very close in the series. Enzo plays Nate in "More Than Words" while Elmo plays Hiro and Janine, Ikay.

Elmo clarified he's simply alert when it comes to other guys who might like Janine.

Meanwhile, Janine said she also has an "Ikay" side, her role in a GMA drama series. In real life, she also likened her mother, Lotlot de Leon, to her Nanay Precy in the show.

But when it comes to confronting problems, she thinks Ikay is stronger than her because she's not confrontational.

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Janine Gutierrez Answers Intrigues, Denies Enzo Pineda Has A Thing For Her

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