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Derek Ramsay Defends Ex-Girlfriend Angelica Panganiban From Bashers

Derek Ramsay did not want to comment on Angelica Panganiban's guesting on "Gandang Gabi Vice," but he did defend his ex-girlfriend against bashers who have been criticizing her jokes in the said show.

During her guesting, Angelica, who was with her bestfriend John Prats, "admitted" that she was the reason why current boyfriend John Lloyd Cruz broke up with Shaina Magdayao, who happened to be John's ex-girlfriend. She then asked how Shaina would feel now that she has both Lloydie and John.

Many were surprised with what she said, and have been criticizing her ever since. Derek, however, said he hasn't seen the video yet. From what he knows about what happened, Angelica never took Lloydie from Shaina intentionally.

They were all friends before, Derek said, so they know what's true. That's the reason why he didn't want to meddle into the issue before.

Angelica is the type of person who speaks her mind. She's also very emotional, which may lead her to say things that she doesn't really mean. Maybe she said things in a joking way or maybe she was just misunderstood, Derek said.

The actor knows Shaina too because he's close to her sister, Vina Morales. She seems to be not the type of person who will easily react to all of these things. Shaina earlier posted a quote on her Instagram account about people wanting to take her down.

For his part, Derek is currently dating a non-showbiz girl, part-time model Joanne Villablanca. He cleared that Joanne is not a flight attendant, but she made a commercial where she has to play one.

He met her through common friends in Cebu years ago. Although she's not a Cebuana, she lives in Cebu. He has no issue that Joanne has a love child.

Derek said he's not the kind of guy who would judge somebody based on their past. What's important to him is what she shows him when he's looking.

For now, he's taking it slow because he doesn't want to rush in and get hurt again. He's open to get married again even after his first failed marriage, but he doesn't want to shock her because they have just gotten to know each other over the holidays. The actor admitted Joanne was with him and his friends when they recently vacationed in Tali Beach.

They have no formal relationship yet, so he cannot say exactly how long they have been together. She usually visits Derek when he has tapings, but she also needs to prioritize her time with her kid. Derek is also close to Joanne's daughter.

At first, Joanne cannot believe that Derek will be close to her daughter because she's a snob, but Derek was relentless until she finally called him "Tito."

Joanne's daughter has a good relationship with the father, so Derek will never get in the way of that. But if he ever finds himself marrying Joanne, he will make sure to treat her daughter as his own.

Just the other day, his mother called him to ask him if it's okay to adopt a child who the nuns in Tagaytay have been asking their family to take in. Derek said it's okay with him if the family wants it.

Meanwhile, Derek admitted he was attracted to his "English Only, Please" co-star Jennylyn Mercado. However, he stopped himself from falling in love with her although she has all the qualities he likes in a girl--beautiful, nice, smart and responsible.

Derek, however, doesn't want to be with anybody in showbiz anymore. They ended up as good friends, anyway. He was surprised when she invited him to be a part of her major concert. A lot of people know Jennylyn as a television actress, but she's also a great singer.

He never really thought of courting Jennylyn. He gave her a gift for Christmas, though--a Playstation because Jennylyn also likes playing games.

They really have a good relationship, so he never let her feel the pressure that he was attracted to her.

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Derek Ramsay Defends Ex-Girlfriend Angelica Panganiban From Bashers

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