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Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla To Have Post-Valentine's Date

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla will just have a post-Valentine's date because they are still dubbing for their movie, "Crazy Beautiful You."

The teen queen revealed that her mother already allows her to go on date as long as she has a chaperone. She revealed that Daniel has been hinting on what he likes for a Valentine's Day gift--shades or anything about music.

How about her? What does she want to receive from Daniel? Kathryn said she's fine as long as they get to spend time together. But if Daniel really knows her, he should know what to give her.

Kathryn said she appreciates Daniel's "sexy" look now. The teen king seemed to have buffed up from his basketball activities. He used to be really skinny.

The young actress said "sexy" for her does not mean Daniel must have a six-pack abs or what. He carries himself well and for Kathryn, that's sexy enough.

The trailer of their movie already has a million hits, so Kathryn is actually excited for people to watch their film because they really enjoyed doing it. While they are watching, she hopes they can see the things they want them to see in the movie.

What's important for her is that they can make the viewers happy. She doesn't want to compare it to "She's Dating The Gangster" because this has a different story.

It helps that they did the shooting for the film in one location because you're able to get to know your character better. When they had a break the other day, she felt that they lost the characters. It's really better for them to be locked in with each other because they become more comfortable with their roles.

Since she knows Daniel already, Kathryn said that during the shooting for the film, they were able to be close to other people as well.

Meanwhile, Kathryn learned a lot from the movie because they shot near an Aeta community in Mount Pinatubo. She realized how lucky they are now, and she wants to share with them the blessings she has been receiving.

Those people become happy with simple things. By seeing her and Daniel, they become genuinely happy already.

She and Daniel asked help from their sponsors, so they can help those communities.

Her role in "Crazy Beautiful You" is something new for Kathryn. She plays Jackie Serrano there. She's the rebellious daughter of a politician. Kathryn said she always plays the "good daughter" role, so it's nice to also try this role out.

When she heard what her character will be in the movie, she was actually very excited.

The two have always been handled by Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina, so was there any difference in working under Direk Mae Cruz-Alviar? It's very similar, Kathryn said, adding that they both want them to be natural with their acting.

It's not easy to be away from Manila, but because they like what they do, it was comfortable enough for them to finish the movie in time.

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Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla To Have Post-Valentine's Date

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