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Gabby Concepcion Does Not Ask KC Concepcion About Paulo Avelino

Gabby Concepcion cannot comment on KC Concepcion's apparent relationship with Paulo Avelino because he does not interfere into his daughter's affairs.

They don't talk about KC's love life, Gabby said, adding that KC does not open up about it. He has an idea about what's happening, though.

Asked if KC is happy, the former matinee idol said his daughter is a positive person. He just doesn't know how far she can go for love. He has yet to meet Paulo.

Lately, there were no chances for them to meet in events, and KC never intentionally told him that she would like for him to meet her rumored beau.

It doesn't matter to Gabby who KC's boyfriend is as long as he takes care of her and loves her the way she deserves to be loved.

When it comes to his relationship with KC, Gabby said he invites all his kids out for dinner or lunch. KC and her sisters also go out on their own. Sometimes, they talk about personal things but most of the time, they don't talk about it in detail.

Just recently, while they were on their way to the beach, he and KC just talked about their diet programs, their careers, etc. Gabby said he's proud of KC's maturity now as an actress. It comes with time, really.

Five years ago, she was still a newbie in the industry, but she has learned a lot more in terms of handling her emotions.

When KC lost her Mamita Elaine Cuneta, Gabby was also there for her by simply talking to her. That's the best way to handle grief--to just be there.

Meanwhile, Gabby also reacted to rumors that his ex-wife Sharon Cuneta already lost a lot of weight. He heard about it, and he's actually curious. He's actually excited to see the new Sharon.

They were supposed to do a comeback movie together, but he lost hope already that this will push through. The production team did not follow up on it, he lamented.

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Gabby Concepcion Does Not Ask KC Concepcion About Paulo Avelino

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