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Sunshine Cruz Denies Leaking New Complaint Against Cesar Montano

Sunshine Cruz said that as a mother, her only priority is to protect her daughters, and that's why she will never jeopardize their privacy and their safety by leaking the details of her newest complaint against estranged husband Cesar Montano.

In the complaint, Sunshine alleged that their minor daughters told her about Cesar acting inappropriately in front of them. Apparently, the actor masturbated while in bed watching TV with their daughters. Because they are already separated, their children sometimes stay overnight at the actor's home.

Through her Instagram account, Sunshine said she filed that case to protect her daughters. She will fight for them to the fullest. She denied that her camp was the one who granted interview to the media, or who leaked the details of the case to them.

She never even talked about the cases in media. Sunshine made sure that the case will remain in court because she wants a fair trial. She was even dismayed that the case was publicized.

The actress even accused that Cesar's camp was the one who kept on granting interviews to the media. As for herself, she still believes in the justice system. She has no idea who leaked the issue, especially because there are many people who could have had access to the case.

"We filed this case discreetly with just my lawyer dahil ayaw ko sanang lumabas ito sa publiko dahil may paniniwala ako na ang mga ganung bagay ay sa korte pinag-uusapan."

She is simply doing what's right for her kids and nothing else. It's hard to be in their positions because everything gets magnified.

People may call her whatever they want, but Sunshine will continue fighting for her kids.

Meanwhile, Sunshine's lawyer Atty. Bonifacio Alentajan denied that the property issues were the reason why Sunshine decided to file another complaint against Cesar. This is just another issue on top of the multitude of cases filed against the actor, he added.

There are at least two major cases against Cesar, one is under the Violence Against Women and their Children Act and the other one was the annulment case filed by Sunshine.

The lawyer shared that the Montano daughters told their mother about what Cesar did, so Sunshine naturally took to the court to file a case. He cannot discuss the details of the case because it's highly sensitive.

Atty. Alentajan also answered Cesar's allegations that the last time he saw the kids was in November. He said that because of what happened, the kids do not want to see their father anymore.

The lawyer said the daughters are already undergoing psychological therapy, so they won't experience trauma because of what happened. They need professional help because their development might be affected.

Sunshine is devastated, Atty. Alentajan said. She could not imagine what her daughters went through.

He denied that the property settlement is related to this new issue. He was against treshing out that in the first place because that will come with the annulment proceedings. Whatever it is that they have, it must be divided between them because these are conjugal properties.

That cannot be used for blackmail, he said. The problem with property settlement is that Cesar does not want to say where he put his assets. He was not honest to Sunshine where his assets are. He kept on saying he was not earning anything.

In fact, the court already asked Cesar to pay a certain amount of support monthly, but he was not complying.

Asked if there is a possibility this can be settled out of court, the lawyer said it's up to Sunshine. As a lawyer, he will simply follow what it is that she wants. The two camps have already undergone mediation, but Cesar does not want to halve their properties between them.

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Sunshine Cruz Denies Leaking New Complaint Against Cesar Montano

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