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Jackie Forster Denies Drugs And Sexcapades Allegations

Jackie Forster took to Instagram to vindicate herself against malicious rumors surrounding her youth, and especially how she Kobe and Andre Paras, her sons with former husband Benjie Paras.

Jackie said that she will not think twice about blocking people who bash her on Instagram, especially if the issue concerns her kids. She wants to tell her version of the truth to fill in the blanks of what really happened when she and Benjie are still together.

She doesn't care if nobody believes her because she has prayed for this opportunity for years, and she can deal with the consequences of her actions.

Jackie said that people judging quickly is the reason why some victims fail to report what happened to them--because they are fearful of what society may tell them.

Nothing good will come out if people will continue to meddle into her business, the former actress said.

In her next Instagram posts, Jackie alleged that Benjie used to tie her up, so she cannot leave the house. She wants her kids to understand why Benjie instilled bad thought about her. He was just trying to defend his own monsters, Jackie said.

She tried, for years, to sacrifice for her children, so that they don't have to see their parents' dirty laundry being aired in front of them. Even Benjie's friends tried to magnify the situation just because he was the one with influence and money.

Jackie said she was forced to reveal these things because she wants to move on with her life. She is only doing this so that Andre and Kobe can finally see what kind of men they want to be when they grow up.

All she ever wanted was for them to love her again like before.

She then proceeded to deny the allegations hurled against her, particularly the ones where she did drugs and had sex with men in front of her kids. She posted a photo of the said Boracay escapade. She was with Anne Curtis and Cheska Garcia (now Cheska Garcia-Kramer). Jackie is willing to take risks with their friendship, especially if they don't want to be associated with her anymore.

She denied having sex in front of her kids because in the first place, she was never comfortable about her body. She explained that during their time in Boracay, she only left the boys twice.

The first one was when the boys wanted to be left with her friend, Junji, who was teaching them how to play the guitar. She left them for an hour, so she can take pictures with her friends.

The second time was after New Year's countdown. She put the kids to sleep, and left a while to greet her friends at a nearby bar. When she went back to the hotel, a drunk man was knocking on her door and wanted to come in. She cried herself to sleep that night, she added.

She never did drugs too. She tried it once after it was given by a friend, but she never did it in front of her kids and she never kept drugs in her home.

"I stopped partying during these times already I know because my timeline is The Friends that I kept and when I started getting into sports."

Whatever they have been fed up, Benjie should have asked her first about the issues. She challenged Benjie's camp to reveal their "cryptic messages" because "the suspense is killing me."

Jackie said she is willing to take a polygraph test if Benjie's camp, including his current wife who raised Kobe and Andre, will too.

She then shared photos of Andre and Kobe. Jackie said she kept track of them through the years. She even cried when Andre graduated from La Salle. She watched them from afar.

Jackie stayed away because she was asked to. But she alleged that the two boys are practically prisoners in their own homes. As she traveled around the world, she always imagined them with her.

People would always tell her to let it be because Andre and Kobe are going to a good school and they have a good life, but it doesn't take away the fact that as their mother, Jackie misses them very much.

Even when she gave birth to her son, Jared, she still thinks of her two boys. When she gives presents, she always includes their names .

The following days, both Kobe and Andre posted messages. Andre said everything will be alright on his Twitter account while Kobe posted a photo of them when they were children. He said they've been so much that no one knows about, but they remained strong. Kobe added he misses his brother.

Benjie, on the other hand, refuses to give a comment on the issue.

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Jackie Forster Denies Drugs And Sexcapades Allegations

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