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Gretchen Barretto Confirms Silent War With Marjorie Barretto

Gretchen Barretto confirmed that she and sister Marjorie have a "silent war." But at least it's silent, Gretchen joked.

It was in late 2014 that followers of Gretchen and Marjorie on Instagram noticed the two have not been posting photos together. This rift was unlike other wars among the Barretto clan since no one's really talking against each other.

The rift was apparently caused because of Gretchen's admiration of Liza Soberano on Instagram. Gretchen is very vocal about how beautiful she thinks Liza is.

Liza is considered to be her niece's Julia Barretto's rival on ABS-CBN since they are both being groomed as the top leading ladies of the network. But while Liza's stardom is shining through her hit series "Forevermore" with Enrique Gil, Julia seems to have lost hers.

Julia used to be Enrique's partner on "Mirabella," but the series did not fare that well, and Enrique eventually requested to be teamed up with Liza. Gretchen is an avid fan of "Forevermore," and usually expresses her support for Enrique, who played her son in "Princess and I" and the movie "The Trial."

Marjorie was apparently hurt because of Gretchen's postings about Liza. Gretchen did not want to answer when asked if the cause of the rift was too simple and too small.

She has been so much to reach where she is now so she learned not to sweat the small stuff. She has so much to be grateful for, so she just wants to enjoy what she has now.

Gretchen is invited to Julia's debut on March 10. She prays that she will have a good debut and if her niece is going to be uncomfortable seeing her there, then she doesn't want it to be that way.

The actress asked to be spared from questions about the reason of the rift. It's not going to help if she divulges what the reason is. She wants Julia to feel special on her day.

She doesn't know yet if she will attend Julia's birthday party, but she wishes her well and hopes her dreams will be realized.

In the end, Gretchen said "family is family." No matter what has been said between them, they will always have a tie to each other. It's not going to help if one of them will provoke the other one by talking about the issue.

She doesn't want to play with people's emotions, and she doesn't want to be negative.

Gretchen doesn't mind these issues anymore. At her age, she just wants to be positive and at her status, she's not out for publicity anymore. "I just wanna feel fulfilled, I just wanna give back, and then the rest of my time, I just wanna enjoy it."

The actress will be celebrating her 45th birthday on March 5, but she has no wishes anymore. She can't complain about her life because she wakes up each day feeling positive, healthy and fabulous.

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Gretchen Barretto Confirms Silent War With Marjorie Barretto

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