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Karla Estrada Denies Son Daniel Is Reason For Jasmine-Sam Breakup

Karla Estrada denied that her son, Daniel Padilla, was the real reason why Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Sam Concepcion broke up. When he was involved in an audio controversy, many speculated that Jasmine was the girl Daniel was talking about with a friend.

This led many to believe that Daniel's "relationship" with on-screen partner Kathryn Bernardo was just for show, and the one he really likes is Jasmine, who starred with him in "Bonifacio."

Karla is sure Daniel would not interfere in another couple's relationship. She added that everybody can make decisions already based on their own reasons, so they should be responsible enough.

Earlier, Jasmine was heavily bashed by the netizens when she posted a bouquet of flowers from a mysterious sender. Many believe that Daniel was the one who sent it.

Karla appealed to KathNiel's fans not to bash other artists because it wouldn't help their idols anyway. She also told them that their actions reflect on their idols. People may think that maligning others is what Daniel and Kathryn want their fans to do.

Karla and Daniel have an open communication. She usually speaks to him about all matters, including premarital sex. She advises him that it's just a temporary satisfaction, but he might find himself with a permanent responsibility.

Daniel, of course, gets embarrassed with such topics, but Karla wants to address these issues immediately.

Her son may not be perfect, but she makes sure he has the right values. She added that the teen king is actually very "conservative." Asked if Daniel is still a virgin, Karla said that's not for her to answer although she would like to think he is.

She also denied that Daniel takes after the Padilla clan, whose men were known for being womanizers. Karla said it is still up to Daniel to be the man he wants himself to be.

Karla also doesn't want to answer questions about the real score between Daniel and Kathryn. They have been friends since they were 14 years old. Now that they are 19, they should be able to decide what they want.

Kathryn, however, earlier denied that they are already a couple. Karla seconded this, saying that their friendship definitely got deeper because they need it to be able to work together better.

However, getting into a romantic relationship may just ruin the loveteam. She thinks they know they are better off as friends now. Karla even believes it is disadvantageous for the loveteam if they will be in a romantic relationship.

But if Daniel really likes Kathryn, Karla is all for it. She finds Kathryn really nice.

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Karla Estrada Denies Son Daniel Is Reason For Jasmine-Sam Breakup

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