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Nina Denied Engagement With Non-Showbiz Boyfriend

Soul Siren Nina denied that she's already engaged to her non-showbiz businessman boyfriend. There were reports that she's already planning to get married, but she's keeping it from the press to protect the privacy of her fiance.

Nina said she and the son of the owner of R&E Taxi have been together for eight years. She doesn't know why they are not engaged yet since they have been together long enough. It would be nice to settle down finally, but she's not pressuring her boyfriend to propose.

It doesn't need to come from her, the singer said. If he proposes, then good. If not, it's also okay.

If it's meant to be, it will find its way, Nina said, adding that there are relationships that lasted for decades but they did not end up together. Sometimes, they will have another relationship and then get married within a year.

Every girl wants their partners to propose to them, although she's not pushing her boyfriend to do so. But if the guy is not ready, then she cannot do anything about it. Women have to accept that there are men like that.

Nina clarified that she's not living in with her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Nina said she has already forgiven ex-boyfriend Nyoy Volante, but she never wants to work with him again.

It can be remembered that Nina earlier said Nyoy still owes her money, but the singer denied this making Nina look like she's running after his money. Until now, Nyoy has never settled the debt, but Nina decided to just move on with her life.

What hurt her about Nyoy is the fact that he denied his debt, instead of remaining neutral. She realized then she doesn't know him at all.

She hasn't seen Nyoy for years, even during their stints on "ASAP." Nina said she maintained a friendship with another ex, Jimmy Bondoc, because he never lied to her.

She's happy to have stayed with Jimmy longer than with Nyoy because she was able to remain close to him. They work together now on TV5's "Rising Stars" with Ogie Alcasid.

Her doors are closed to Nyoy. There is no way they can be friends again. She might have even accepted it if Nyoy just cheated on her, but to make her look like a liar was unforgivable for her.

Nyoy also never said sorry to her, Nina said. She doesn't regret being with Nyoy because it was her choice then and besides, it made her a stronger woman. She's also more careful with who she trusts.

Asked about Nyoy's engagement, Nina just said she's happy for him. But definitely, she cannot work with him ever again.

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Nina Denied Engagement With Non-Showbiz Boyfriend

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