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Zoren Legaspi Is Not Comfortable With Carmina Villaroel's Love Scenes

Zoren Legaspi said wife Carmina Villaroel knows he's not comfortable with the love scenes she has to do with Paulo Avelino for "Bridges of Love."

Zoren joked that he can get back at Carmina by doing the same thing. He didn't know about the love scenes because his wife did not tell him about it, probably because she knows he won't allow her.

However, Zoren chooses to understand that this is part of showbiz. He just doesn't watch the show, he added.

While Carmina is part of the new series "Bridges of Love," Zoren is part of the hit series "Forevermore." How was it working with the two stars--Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano? From the very start, he had always said that the two stars are very humble and professional.

They only have two to three hours of sleep every day, but they don't comment about it. Zoren even tells the production off, but Liza and Enrique never did.

He doesn't believe that the two are just being professional because "Forevermore" is their launching project. The fact is, they are just nice and decent kids, Zoren said.

In the future, Zoren can see the two changing--but only for the best. Showbiz is always changing, and that means the stars also have to develop themselves. Time will come that they will deserve a cut-off to maintain Liza's beauty and Enrique's charm.

He believes that Enrique and Liza, known as LizQuen to their fans, will be a healthy competition to the current reigning teen stars--Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo. Competition is always needed in the business.

Of course, KathNiel is on another level with a hit movie, "Crazy Beautiful You," that Zoren said Carmina and the twins, Mavvy and Cassy, liked very much. The twins rarely watch Tagalog movies, but this one they were able to appreciate.

They even recommended it to him, he said.

He didn't think "Forevermore" would be this big because launching project for a loveteam doesn't usually hit high ratings. But the credit also goes to Direk Cathy Molina-Garcia, who made it possible for the viewers to accept Enrique and Liza as a loveteam.

It also helped that the series was shot in Benguet. Zoren said the owner of the house where Liza's character, Agnes, lives in, became a businessman. Every time tourists want to take a picture in the house, they would have to pay him.

It wasn't much trouble for them when they have live audience because they are very cooperative, Zoren said, adding that Baguio became more well known because of the show.

Meanwhile, he revealed that his greatest fear when Mavvy and Cassy finally enter showbiz is that they will lose their childhood. They are currently doing commercials but in the future, those offering for them should understand that the first priority is their schooling.

Zoren wants them to have a normal childhood than see them work like regular child stars. The twins are now 14 years old, but they have yet to show signs they really want to be in showbiz.

Even though they have not entered showbiz yet, the twins are well known because of their commercials. They got surprised that people know them when they go to malls. Zoren just advises Mavvy that he has no choice but to have his picture taken.

Asked if Mavvy is a better fan magnet than him, Zoren said yes. Mavvy has a certain effect on both men and women, he added. He's like an Elvis Presley--people idolize him, the actor-director said.

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Zoren Legaspi Is Not Comfortable With Carmina Villaroel's Love Scenes

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