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KC Concepcion Partially Pays For Elaine Cuneta's Eight-Figure Hospital Bill

The Megastar Sharon Cuneta revealed that her daughter, KC Concepcion, partially paid for the eight-figure hospital bill of her grandmother, Elaine Cuneta.

Although she is financially stable, Sharon said most of her money is invested in high-end real property estates. So, when her mother died last November 2014, she became problematic where to get the millions she needed for the hospital bill.

It wasn't easy to liquidate her money from her investments because these are all high-end. So, KC offered to pay for the tens of millions needed to fulfill their obligations in the hospital.

Sharon clarified that she offered to pay KC the full amount of the money she shelled out for her grandmother. However, KC offered to pay for at least partial of the huge medical expenses. KC wanted to cover for so much more, but Sharon will not have any of it. She gave her more than what she was asking for.

Sharon said KC wanted to pay for a part of the bills because it was her Mita they were talking about.

There was nothing shameful about selling her real estate and her expensive bags so that she can pay for her mother's hospital bills. Sharon explained she saved plenty while she was working as an actress, singer and endorser.

She shouldn't be embarrassed about giving up some of her investments because that's what investments are for--so there's something you can use when the going gets tough.

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KC Concepcion Partially Pays For Elaine Cuneta's Eight-Figure Hospital Bill

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