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Mariel Rodriguez Admits Having Miscarriage

Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla confirmed what many of her Instagram followers speculated about--that she had a miscarriage. The TV host admitted it on her Facebook post.

According to Mariel, she's eight weeks and 3 days pregnant, but the baby did not develop. She is simply waiting anytime now to bleed. The doctors said it was a miscarriage.

Mariel then thanked those who sent her messages, especially Claudine Barretto who made her feel that she's not alone.

Rumors about her miscarriage started when she posted a photo of herself crying with the hashtag #byecutiepie. The TV host explained that when she knew she was pregnant, she downloaded the app called Ovia Pregnancy. She had to put a nickname for the baby but since she didn't know the gender yet, she decided to call him/her "cutie pie."

Mariel was supposed to give birth in the States on October 18 this year, so her baby can have a blue passport like her. Her sister even changed her yearly plan, so she can be with the TV host.

Even her husband, Robin Padilla, and his manager worked his schedule around the time Mariel was supposed to give birth, so he won't be that busy much. That shows her cutie pie was loved althought he/she wasn't able to see the world.

She then posted 41 photos of her pregnancy's journey. One of those she posted was of the pregnancy test that confirmed her pregnancy. That time, Robin was at taping, and she wanted to go there already to tell him. She waited for him to come home and change clothes.

Mariel then showed a picture of him and his children, and edited it to include a caricature of a baby. Robin immediately saw the baby, and was happy because he saw how happy Mariel was.

They immediately thought of baby names. If it was a boy, they would name him Juan Ferdinand. If girl, it would be Catherine Isabel. These are the names of Robin's Spanish ancestors and heroes.

The TV host also shared a photo of her baby's first ultrasound. It is now on the bedside table in their bedroom, on Robin's side of the bed.

Mariel shared her journey as a mother. She felt light and ready to be a mother. She was ready to take care of someone her own, to nurture and care. She knew she had to give up a lot of things like shopping and skiing until her baby is old enough.

She also knew that traveling won't be the same because it will no longer be her and Robin alone. She enjoyed her pregnancy and did not go on a diet because her baby might be stressed.

Robin, on the other hand, was more than supportive. He prayed for the baby because he knew how much Mariel wanted it. Until the doctor confirmed her worst nightmare--that her baby has no heartbeat. Her baby was supposed to be eight days and a day.

Mariel said she's thankful to her stepchildren, who didn't even know at first that she was pregnant. She didn't tell them because she wanted to tell their mother first, so that Liezel will be the one to reveal the news to her children.

After the devastating news, Mariel would always ask her husband why her pregnancy did not continue. Mariel's sister and best friend already told her to prepare for the worst when the problems started. They know she would be devastated if her baby does not happen.

She had so many plans for her cutie pie. She even shopped a bit for him/her even though she doesn't know the gender yet. "A small part of me has died."

Mariel said all she does is cry. A small part of her still believes a miracle will happen and she won't bleed; that her pregnancy will continue.

She's trying to move on, believing that this ordeal will pass.

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Mariel Rodriguez Admits Having Miscarriage

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