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Alyanna Martinez Defends Mom Against False Rumors

Alyanna Martinez said she is taking it upon herself to defend her mother, the late Liezl Martinez, against people who are maligning her memory. She was particularly referring to a personality she didn't name, but many thought to be her grandmother Amalia Fuentes.

Alyanna is the eldest daughter of Liezl and Albert Martinez. According to Alyanna's Instagram post on March 17, there is someone who's spreading rumors about her mother and their family.

But whatever happens, this person will not be able to demean her mother and will not cover up the fact about who really loves and cares for Liezl. Alyanna said that if "you truly love a person, you don't destroy them. Living and/or dead."

She asked the public not to judge her or her family because of one malicious lie being spread by one person. There was one room of people during her mother's cremation that truly cares for her.

Although Alyanna did not name her grandmother, many thought she was referring to Amalia who walked out of Liezl's cremation ceremony last March 16. Amalia was miffed that she wasn't given a chance to give a final message to her daughter.

She also did not like the fact that the host of the ceremony did not acknowledge her or Romeo Vasquez's, Liezl's father, presence.

Amalia also talked to the media about the rift between her and Albert, who she said took away Liezl from her when she was still alive. Even during the start of their relationship, Amalia never wanted Albert for Liezl.

Liezl was only 18 years old when she went to Las Vegas with Albert to get married.

Amalia said that Albert shut her out from Liezl's life, and she just watched from the sidelines as her daughter falls ill. She alleged that Albert requires Liezl not to have a relationship with her mother because Albert wants their family to stay together without Amalia.

In another telling Instagram post, Alyanna said that she takes consolation from the fact that no one can hurt her mother anymore. She asked Liezl to watch over their family as they go through these trying times.

Alyanna also said that "that that matter know the truth. Those that don't, don't matter."

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Alyanna Martinez Defends Mom Against False Rumors

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