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Melissa Mendez Goes Amok In Cebu Pacific Flight

Actress Melissa Mendez was offloaded from a Cebu Pacific flight after she allegedly punched a flight attendant and the friend of model Andrew Wolff.

Based on the Instagram post of Andrew, the incident happened on Friday, March 20. He and his friend were on their way to Mindanao via a Cebu Pacific flight. However, the flight was delayed when an unnamed Filipina actress with the initials "M.M." run amok.

Apparently, Melissa, who was later named in reports, refused to vacate the seats reserved for Andrew and his friend. The actress transferred to her reserved seats after being told by a crew member.

Melissa, however, did not stop there and continued cursing Andrew's friend. A flight attendant warned her to stop cursing at the other passenger, but Melissa suddenly punched the flight attendant, as well as Andrew's friend.

This was when the pilot decided to turn their plane back to Manila to offload her.

Although Andrew never named the actress, Melissa can be cleary seen on the video he posted on the Internet.

In his post, Andrew said Melissa kept on telling the flight attendants that she was a popular star. The video showed the captain announcing that they have to go back to Manila to offload on unruly passenger.

Andrew said Melissa tried to appeal to the captain, but he did not bulge. The captain also apologized to the other passengers.

The model also said that Melissa smelled of alcohol, which already signalled something will go awry.

In a statement, Cebu Pacific backed Andrew's reports of an unruly passenger that had to be offloaded, but they did not mention any names.

Cebu Pacific is currently coordinating with authorities regarding the incident. Reports said an incident like this has a fine of P500,000 with three years imprisonment.

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Melissa Mendez Goes Amok In Cebu Pacific Flight

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