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Melissa Mendez Wants Help From Gabriela

Melissa Mendez wants to get help from Gabriela Women's Group after she was offloaded from a Cebu Pacific flight bound to Pagadian City.

Melissa said the airline crew wasn't fair in its decision to offload her from the plane. Apparently, model Andrew Wolff said Melissa doesn't want to vacate the seat she was occupying even if it was reserved for Andrew's friend.

When Melissa finally left the seat after she was asked by flight attendants, she turned her ire to Andrew's friend and even cursed at him. She also punched him and a flight attendant.

Melissa wished the pilot could have been fairer in his treatment of her. The pilot apologized to the passengers of the flight for having to turn it back to Manila after Melissa created a riot. Andrew said the former actress reaked of alcohol.

She alleged that the pilot was close-minded, and he didn't even listen to her when she tried to reason out with him. She was just fighting for her rights, Melissa said. "Sorry, tao lang ako, hindi naman ako santo. Nagkakamali rin ako."

She apologized for hurting the "guy," but it was only because she was fighting for herself. Anyone who was in her position at that time would probably react the same way she did because the guy was throwing insults at her already.

Rey Pamaran, Andrew's friend, apparently told Melissa that her breath stinks. He also almost hit her with a bag.

Because of the incident, Melissa apparently lost her job, and wasn't able to make it to Pagadian City. She was supposed to leave for Pagadian today, but it was cancelled. She alleged that Rey was behind it since he was from an influential family.

That is why she's asking for help from Gabriela. She's wondering why she cannot go to Pagadian. Does Rey own it? She knows in the end she'll be vindicated because she didn't try to kill anyone anyway.

Rey, on the other hand, said Melissa is just using people to justify her own actions. He said they have video, photo and eyewitnesses accounts as evidence.

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Melissa Mendez Wants Help From Gabriela

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