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Pauleen Luna Shrugs Off Gold Digger Issue

Pauleen Luna simply shrugged off issues that people see her as a gold digger. But of course, she gets affect too at times.

But the TV host said she's more affected with how it will affect Vic, and not her. Money is not the only reason why someone would fall in love with Vic. She doesn't get affected that much when people call her a gold digger.

She's more affected that people think that's all there is to Vic. It's very easy for a lot of people to judge the veteran comedian and TV host because they don't know him.

There are so many reasons why she fell in love with someone 30 years older than her. Their personalities gel together, and they are very similar, she added.

It's very important for her that it doesn't take a lot of effort for them to understand each other. Pauleen said they don't argue that much and neither do they have misunderstandings.

She just shrugged off the issue that Vic is also not the marrying type.

In an earlier interview, Vic's eldest daughter, Danica Sotto said that Pauleen has always been the first one to reach out to them. But she did say she's still concerned about the large age gap between her father and his girlfriend.

Vic is 60 years old while Pauleen is 26 years old only.

Pauleen does not deny the issue on their age gap. That's a fact, and she understands why Danica and her siblings feel that way.

She doesn't want to force Vic's children to accept her with open arms. She's just okay that she doesn't have a problem personally with Danica.

Pauleen loves Vic's children. That's okay with her, and she doesn't need more than that. She's simply contented that she and Vic are okay, and that their relationship is growing stronger.

She and Danica are okay. She didn't pressure her to accept her. When she remembers Vic's children and grandchildren, she just brings them little stuff. "I don't think kailangan kong sumipsip. Because I don't think sila yung tipo ng taong nadadala sa gano'n."

Pauleen just wants to assure Danica and the rest of Vic's children that she loves their father and in time, she hopes they will be able to see her intentions.

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Pauleen Luna Shrugs Off Gold Digger Issue

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