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Inday Barretto Defends Claudine; Calls Gretchen ‘evil’ And ‘liar'

The plot thickens. The ugly feud involving the Barretto sisters Gretchen, Marjorie, and Claudine gets even uglier by the day. Their mother, Inday Barretto, has now come out of the dark to take a side. And it is clear she is out to defend her youngest, Claudine.

Mrs. Barretto now released an official statement to explain her side on this matter. Her words were published verbatim in TV host/columnist Ricky Lo’s broadsheet column today (April 24). In the statement, she called Gretchen, her eldest daughter, a liar. She also described her as ‘evil’ several times. Reading between the lines, anyone can sense the deep pain from a hurting mom.

Aside from attacking Gretchen, Mrs. Barretto also confirmed the rumors that have been circulating in all showbiz corners these days. She has revealed that it is true that Raymart Santiago has left Claudine. But she expressed hope that Raymart is just getting through a phase and would soon comeback home to his wife.

Here are the highlights of Mrs. Barretto’s statement about this entire brouhaha.

‘Gretchen, you are a liar.’

Mrs. Barretto has revealed that Gretchen is good in fabricating lies if she wants to manipulate the situation. First, Mrs. Barretto explained that Claudine could not even try to block Julia’s (Marjorie’s daughter) entry to showbiz. She said how could Claudine claim to be ABS-CBN’s ‘Teleserye Princess’ if she was actually the ‘Teleserye Queen’ during her time? She insinuated that Gretchen could be making these lies to block Claudine’s possible return to ABS-CBN.

She added that Claudine don’t hold the power to ruin Julia’s budding career. She implied that after Marjorie, no other person could love her (Marjorie’s) children more than their aunt Claudine. It could be noted that many years ago, when Gretchen drove Marjorie’s family out of their home, which she owned that time, it was Claudine who provided shelter to the family.

Raymart left home

Mrs. Barretto impulsively confirmed speculations that Raymart really did leave his and Claudine’s home. She hopes he has left just to cool things down. Mrs. Barretto said she is praying that Raymart’s decision would not be final. She again slapped Gretchen for allegedly feeling well about her sister’s misfortune.

In a portion of the statement, Mrs.Barretto even admitted that Claudine really has a violent tendency. But she asserts that Claudine throws plates and cups to the floor, but those are all plastic. Again, she turned to Gretchen, “I witnessed you throwing expensive plates and vases at one time.”

She narrated one incident when she was asked to go over Gretchen’s place to pacify her. She said she was almost hit by a plate. Amid a scorching stormy weather that time, she recalled that she was thrown out of Gretchen’s house. She soaked wet.

Slowing career

Mrs. Barretto acknowledged that Claudine’s showbiz career has truly slowed down. But she has insisted that her talent did not disappear. She reiterated that Claudine has already obtained many achievements and that she does not have to prove anything to anyone anymore.

She said Julia has her own talent, making her one of the promising new stars in her generation. She emphasized that no one can block a good talent. Julia is one of the new personalities recently introduced via Star Magic Circle 2013.

Mental problem

Mrs. Barretto denied Gretchen’s insinuations that Claudine has a mental illness, which is supposed to cause her to occasionally be confined at Medical City. Instead, she said that Claudine just suffers from ‘mental torture’ because of Gretchen’s allegedly evil manipulation.

Mrs. Barretto further disclosed some proofs of Gretchen’s harsh attitude. She said, Gretchen has called Claudine’s family names: Sabina as ‘the negra daughter of yours,’ Santino as an ‘abnoy,’ and Raymart as ‘bakla’ for not taking Claudine’s side. Sabina and Santino are the couple’s children.

About bashers

Mrs.Barretto was asking why Gretchen would easily identify Claudine as the culprit behind those social media bashing. She pointed out that whenever there is bashing against Gretchen, Marjorie, or Julia, Gretchen would almost always instantly point to Claudine.

She added that Gretchen seems like taking it easy to hurt other people. But when other people try to retaliate, she would immediately want to press charges.

In the end, Mrs. Barretto further explained why she had to take a side. She reiterated that she would be ready to take the bullets just to protect Claudine, whom she called a good daughter who has always given to their family her love and her all.

She ended her tirade against Gretchen by saying how she ‘Gretchen’ had used her ‘deceptive device’ in the past to hook her current partner (Tony Boy Cojuangco). Mrs. Barretto has implied that Gretchen probably fabricated lies to make the Barretto family look evil just to gain pity and affection from her man.

Mrs. Barretto said she has been pushed to the wall. That is why she has to come out and defend her family. She even accused Gretchen of being ‘ashamed to own’ the Barretto family. The Barretto matriarch sais she has brought all her children well, with humility and dignity.

At the end of the column, Ricky Lo revealed that he has texted and called Gretchen to get her side of the story. Unfortunately, it seems that she is not yet ready to make her own statement.

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Inday Barretto Defends Claudine; Calls Gretchen ‘evil’ And ‘liar'

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