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Gretchen Barretto’s Non Showbiz Brother Comes To Her Defense

Just within a few hours after showbiz journalist Ricky Lo published a signed letter from Inday Baretto (mother of Gretchen, Marjorie, and Claudine), an unexpected person came out to defend Gretchen. That was Joaquin ‘Jayjay’ Barretto, a non-showbiz brother of the Barretto sisters.

Jayjay, as he is more popularly called by people who know him, is one of the four Barretto siblings who did not enter show business. The others are Mito, Mia, and Mitchie. As we all know, three of the seven siblings braced the celebrity limelight: Gretchen, Marjorie, and Claudine.

Again, the plot of this saga continues to thicken. Many wounds were further opened by Jayjay’s revelations. Gretchen chooses to remain mum about the issue. Claudine, on the other hand, was quoted by a GMA-7 showbiz beat reporter as saying that she would answer all issues involving her in due time.

Here are some of the juiciest highlights of that open letter signed by Jayjay.
  1. The published letter, according to him, was not just appalling but also hurtful. It was also shocking. But Jayjay was more upset about how their mom lambasts Gretchen just to defend Claudine.
  2. Jayjay said that while their mom elevated Claudine to the pedestal, she has degraded Gretchen by describing her as a mere ‘ST Queen’ during her time. This portion of the letter opened more revelations.
  3. It was implied that Gretchen stood as the family’s breadwinner when she was just 12 years old. Jayjay reminded their mom that Gretchen had to give up her studies to help send her siblings to school. He even disclosed that it was Gretchen who shouldered the bill when their dad underwent heart treatment for at least three times.
  4. As if those were not enough, Jayjay even revealed that their parents sold two lots in Acropolis that were bought using Gretchen’s earnings. He said that his sister had to take off her clothes in her movies just to make more money to support their family.
  5. He questioned why their mom did not stop Gretchen from doing ST movies. Jayjay implied that their mom should have also done gestures to show how she wants to protect and love Gretchen just like what she is doing now for Claudine.
  6. He refuted most of the accusations hurled by Mrs. Inday Barretto against Gretchen. He said it was Claudine who has been calling Gretchen via anonymous mobile phone numbers. According to him, Claudine even threatened to make an exposé to destroy Gretchen.
  7. Jayjay even admitted that Claudine is undergoing a special treatment to spare her from destroying herself. It was their mom and dad who have decided to put her in a hospital for treatment.
In the end, Jayjay appealed to their mom to stop making things worse. He warned that this public word war should stop before their family really falls apart.

Meanwhile, another family member has expressed her support for Gretchen. It was Dominique, daughter of the actress with her long-time partner Tony Boy Cojuangco. Dominique used her Twitter account to extend her support to her mother. She said she knows her mom better than all other people do.

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Gretchen Barretto’s Non Showbiz Brother Comes To Her Defense

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