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Jay-Jay Barretto Says Claudine Provoked Gretchen

Jay-Jay Barretto, the older brother of the Barretto sisters, told PEP.PH that it was their youngest Claudine who provoked her sister, Gretchen.

"I couldn't stand it anymore. Claudine has been acting up for so long," he said during a phone interview.

"We want to help. But she's into things, difficult things... Claudine can't be controlled. She's fighting everyone, but she's manipulating my mom and dad into believing that it's Gretchen that's hitting her. I have to put a stop to this."

That is why Jay-Jay decided to come out with a statement refuting the letter of the Barretto matriarch, Inday, on Ricky Lo's column on The Philippine Star.

Since Claudine started "acting up," Jay-Jay said their family has been very divided. He added he had to do something for their family and put a stop to everything.

He also asked for the permit of their eldest brother, Mito.

"We're all in agreement—my brothers, Marjorie, all my siblings, although one is in the States. We're solid on this. We're all affected by this thing my mom did. It's my mom and dad with Claudine.

Jay-Jay said Claudine was able to convince their parents that she does not need medical help. He clarified they are not ganging up on their youngest sister, who at one time, was the primetime teleserye princess.

Since he is very close to their mother, Jay-Jay said it's hard for him to talk against Inday.

"But I couldn't take it anymore. I'm going to bust."

"Please, make it clear that I'm not fighting my mom. I just want to make her stop. But she's not listening—otherwise, she would never have made that letter public."

They didn't know that Inday was going to publish the letter wherein she called Gretchen a "liar" and an "ST Queen."

He found out about the letter while he was with their parents in a mall. Gretchen called him to tell him about Lo's column.

When he read the newspaper, Jay-Jay remembered being so shocked.

"Look, I'm close to Claudine. I'm close to Gretchen. But Claudine has got to stop, kawawa na si Gretchen!"

"Claudine is the one that's on the offensive. She's magulo. She's fighting everybody—that's true! She's the one provoking. Claudine's been provoking Gretchen for so long."

Jay-Jay said Gretchen kept on crying over the phone, especially because their mother called her an "ST Queen."

Gretchen made sexy movies under Seiko Films during the 1980s. She became the family's breadwinner especially during the time their father suffered from a medical condition.

In his letter, Jay-Jay enumerated how Gretchen helped their family. He said it was Gretchen who put food on the table and sent their siblings to school.

Jay-Jay, being eight years older than Gretchen, was the one who drove for Gretchen during the time she was working hard for the family.

He also acted as her assistant, bodyguard, guardian and even a father.

Their allowance that time was only P100 a day--P50 goes to their gas allowance while the other P50 goes into their food.

Gretchen and Jay-Jay can only get a burger and coke with their allowance. Gretchen also cannot dip her hands into her own money.

Jay-Jay then revealed that before Christmas last year, their family had a meeting about Claudine's condition.

Their parents were advised by a rehab center in White Plains that Claudine needs to be confined in a hospital from 12 to 18 months.

They all agreed to do it for Claudine until she was able to manipulate their parents that she was alright.

"Now my mom's obsession is to protect Claudine. Hinaharang niya any moves to make Claudine do anything. She [my mom] just goes on believing that there's nothing wrong."

The Barretto parents are apparently behind Claudine while the siblings are all behind Gretchen, except for Gia who is still in the States.

Before this particular incident, Jay-Jay said that everything was actually alright since they even saw each other during a party.

Also, Jay-Jay shared that Claudine believes ABS-CBN is out to get her by signing Julia Barretto as a contract artist.

Julia, daughter of Marjorie with ex-husband Dennis Padilla, was launched as the newest member of Star Magic 2013.

Claudine apparently didn't want Julia to be part of ABS-CBN, and she blamed Gretchen for pushing their niece into the career they all loved.

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Jay-Jay Barretto Says Claudine Provoked Gretchen

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