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Luis Manzano Says Doing Political Endorsements Is Delicate

Luis Manzano has revealed why he does not fully support political candidates in the open.

According to the host actor, it is because doing political endorsements is tricky business particularly because his father and mother are both policitians.

Ralph Recto, Manzano's stepfather, is currently a senator of the republic while Vilma Santos, the actor's mother, is governor of the province of Batangas. Santos is gunning for reelection in the upcoming May election.

“The candidate I want to support may not be in the same party as my mom or dad, for instance,” Manzano told the Philippine Daily Inquirer in a recent interview.

“Dad ran under Lakas-CMD; my mom was with the Liberal Party. It was hard to give my full support to either...If I campaigned for my dad, it was like going against my mom in a way, and vice versa,” he added.

“I attended my dad’s miting de avance not as a voter, but as his son. I did the same for my mom,” he continued.

Meanwhile, Manzano made it clear that in his opinion, he sees nothing wrong with television and cinema personalities endorsing political candidates. That is for paid and free endorsements, the young actor said.

“If you get paid, that’s good; if you do it for free, that’s even better,” he said.

He said that celebrities should really believe in a candidate's ideals if they are going to endorse a candidate.

When asked if he planned to go into politics, Manzano said that he might but not while he is in show business.

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Luis Manzano Says Doing Political Endorsements Is Delicate

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