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Former Seiko Films Producer Says Gretchen Barretto Supported Her Family

Robbie Tan, a former Seiko Film producer, was the one who witnessed how Gretchen Barretto worked hard to support her family.

In a phone interview, Tan told PEP.PH that Gretchen worked hard for her family during her four-year stay with Seiko Films.

"Hardworking siya para makatulong."

Before they became major stars, Gretchen was the one who asked for Tan's help regarding Claudine and Marjorie. "Si Gretchen, kino-convince ako na bigyan ko ng break si Claudine. Mahal na mahal niya si Claudine. Very, very proud siya kay Claudine."

Gretchen also wanted Tan to give Marjorie some projects but he wasn't able to include her in major ones.

He recalled how at 18 years old, Gretchen went into his office and asked for a job. Tan noticed her because of her beauty and her skin complexion. She also has a good speaking voice.

"Sa pagkakaalam ko, Gretchen is a very good daughter. At the time na nagtatrabaho siya sa akin, ang alam ko, ang malaking chunk ng income niya, napupunta sa pamilya."

During the 1980s, when Gretchen made a chunk of films for Seiko, she had to make cash advances several times.

This was contrary to the statement made by Gia Barretto, Gretchen's elder sister, who said they were provided by their father a luxurious life with drivers and country club memberships.

Another version of the story was of Jay-Jay Barretto's, their brother.

He said he and Gretchen have to make do with P100-a-day allowance during her taping days because they have to save money for their family.

Jay-Jay acted as Gretchen's driver and PA when she was still with Seiko.

Tan said Gretchen lived a simple life, and that she wasn't materialistic.

When asked what motivated Gretchen to do sexy films, the former producer said it was "economics."

The term "ST Queen" was dubbed by Oskee Salazar for Gretchen, but Tan said that was only for "marketing purposes."

"Hindi naman talaga siya nag-bold! Nagpapakita lang siya ng likod, nagpapakita ng puwet, pero wala! Never naman siya nag-frontal nudity! In fact, wala nga siyang breast exposure.”

During the time she was with Seiko, Gretchen was very hardworking and diligent, Tan said.

The only time that she begged off from work is when she's suffering from a heartbreak, he recalled.

Now that Gretchen is undergoing some personal problems with her family, Tan advised her to try to mend ways with her mother.

For now, Gretchen will not release any statement regarding the letters of her mother, brother and sister.

As for the Barretto matriarch, Inday, Tan has this to say: "Huwag na siya mag-side masyado, kasi anak rin niya si Gretchen, at kahit papaano, nakatulong rin si Gretchen kahit papaano sa kanila before."

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Former Seiko Films Producer Says Gretchen Barretto Supported Her Family

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