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Nadia Montenegro Reconciles With Cristy Fermin

After almost five years, Nadia Montenegro and Cristy Fermin have reconciled. The surprising reconciliation happened during the April 27 episode of Fermin’s TV5 talk show ‘Ang Latest.’ Montenegro was interviewed live by Fermin’s co-hosts through phone patch.

In that episode, Fermin received her trophy given to her by FAMAS as an awardee of the Art Padua Memorial Award for her contributions to the industry as a showbiz columnist. After her acceptance speech, co-hosts Amy Perez, Joey Reyes, Mr.Fu, and Divine Lee told her she has a surprise phone patch from a long-time friend.

Montenegero started the conversation by greeting the hosts and the viewers. She immediately proceeded to greet Fermin, who she calls ‘Nay.’ Fermin instantly acknowledged Montenegro’s gesture and thanked her because as she said, she would not be in TV5 now if not for their ugly feud in 2008.

New person

Montenegro hinted that she is living as a new and improved person after her recent trip to the US. She revealed that she has renewed her faith to God and that part of that commitment is to make amends with people she has hurt in the past. She even disclosed that Fermin has already accepted her apologies.

For her part, Fermin took the opportunity to also admit her shortcomings. She also asked for Montenegro’s forgiveness. Fermin expressed her resentment about how she hurt not just Montenegro but also her family. She hinted that she is ready to bring back Montenegro into her life. Montenegro serves as the godmother of Rebo, Fermin’s adopted son.

How the feud started

It will be interesting to recount how the Montenegro-Fermin feud started in September to October 2008. Interestingly, it started with their involvement with, guess who, Gretchen Barretto. Back then, Montenegro narrated the beginning of that fight.

According to her, Cristy Fermin wrote about Barretto’s supposed romantic trysts with businessman Dody Puno. Montenergo said she was defending Barretto, her long time friend against the rumors. One day, Fermin’s tirades were suddenly pointed at her. Then, she recalled that it was suddenly her fighting Barretto.

Fired by ABS-CBN

In the October 5, 2008 episode of ‘The Buzz,’ where Fermin used to co-host with Boy Abunda, she openly declared war with Montenegro. Fermin revealed a supposed shocking secret: that Montenegro gave birth without her partner’s knowledge. It implied that Montenegro was having a discreet affair with another man. Fermin even disclosed that Montenegro brought the baby to their house and told her family they are adopting the same child, she picked somewhere.

During the following Sunday in the same show, Montenegro agreed to do a live interview, this time with Boy Abunda. The interview went on, with Fermin’s knowledge. But Montenegro threatened to sue Fermin and the station for allegedly breaching the rights of a minor. This prompted ABS-CBN to fire Fermin a few days after.

Floating status

From then on, Fermin was not visible for quite some time. That was until TV5 offered her a contract to join the new station. With this decision, Fermin had to reconcile with another enemy, Mo Twister, who became her co-host in the show ‘Juicy.’ After a few years, Mo Twister left the show and again went on to become Fermin’s nemesis.

The Montenegro-Fermin feud could also be related to the issue between Gabby Concepcion and FLT Films producer Rose Flaminiano. Montenegro again tried to defend Concepcion, but she ended having to fight Fermin, who later described her as the industry’s ‘garlic’ who is always involved in every showbiz issue.

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Nadia Montenegro Reconciles with Cristy Fermin

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