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Tania Montenegro Wonders Why Inday Barretto Hates Gretchen

In the past week, some members of the Barretto family have come out to take their side in this ugly family feud. Now, a close and long-time friend of Gretchen has spoken about her knowledge about her friend’s relationship with her own mother. Tania Montenegro, the older sister of Nadia Montenegro, claims to be one of Gretchen’s closest friends in the business. Gretchen and Nadia also used to be close friends until they had a falling out in 2008. They both started in show business as Regal babies.

In a phone interview with entertainment editor Jo-Ann Maglipon held last April 24, Tania defended Gretchen against Inday (Gretchen’s mom). She recounted how she knew Gretchen since Grade 1. They attended the same school, Colegio de San Agustin in Dasmariñas Village, Makati City.

Unhappy childhood

This was how Tania started defending Gretchen. She refuted Inday and Gia’s (Gretchen’s sister) claims that the family lived comfortably even before Gretchen entered show business. Tania recalled the many times that Gretchen was forced out of her classroom because her tuition fee was unpaid.

Tania recalled how Gretchen would often come to school without ‘baon’ for recess and lunch break. She said she frequently treated her during recess. However, she was wondering why Gretchen looked like she had nothing when her siblings were out there having recess and lunch at the school canteen.

Most of the time, when Tania and Gretchen’s group of friends would go out, she recalled that the latter would not order anything at the restaurant because she had no money to shoulder the bill. She added that whenever Gretchen visits her in their family’s Capitol Hills residence, the latter would feast on Spam and California rice served to her. Tania even reminisced how one time, her friend said she would someday be able to buy such food for herself.

Nannies and chauffeurs

Tania was wondering how it was weird for Gia to describe how the Barrettos lived opulently in the 1980s. She is questioning Gia’s claim that all of her siblings were living with their own nannies and chauffeurs. This time, Tania backs Joaquin ‘JayJay’ Barretto’s assertion that he served as chauffeur for Gretchen and the family.

Gretchen, Tania added, often had no money to pay for her school projects. Tania claims that this is the reason they got close to each other. According to her, she would always share many things with Gretchen.

Inday’s hatred

Tania is wondering why Inday has always hated Gretchen. According to her, Inday always ridiculed Gretchen for having a dark complexion. Tania said Gretchen even told her how her own mother calls her ugly. She defended: this might be the reason Gretchen is so engrossed about her physical appearance these days.

Gretchen, at some instances, also told Tania about some instances that happened in their home. Tania recalled the times that Gretchen would cry to her and recount how Inday pulled her hair. One time, Gretchen even had a big bruise in her face because Inday allegedly hit her hard.

Tania is asserting that Gretchen could have been a victim of physical and verbal abuse as a minor in the hands of her own mom. During the interview, she hinted so many times how she is wondering why a mother would hate her own child that much.

Just today, April 29, in a separate interview, Inday Barretto contradicted Tania’s story. She thinks that Tania could have been paid by Gretchen to make up such stories. Inday even questioned Tania’s involvement in this issue. She has reiterated that it is expected that Gretchen’s friends would come out as Gretchen knows that she needs more lies to defend her earlier lies. Inday, for several times, emphasized that their family was well-off even before Gretchen entered showbiz.

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Tania Montenegro Wonders Why Inday Barretto Hates Gretchen

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