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Jay-Jay Barretto Says His Parents Should "Fix" Claudine

If Miguel and Inday Barretto really want to fix their family, their son Jay-Jay Barretto said they should first "fix" Claudine.

“You want to fix this family, you fix Claudine.”

Jay-Jay could no longer stay in the condominium unit where his parents live because that was owned by Claudine. He was banned from entering the building, where he usually stays when he is not in Tarlac.

Jay-Jay said he couldn't even see his father, who is sick. He never said anything against Claudine even during the issue with Mon Tulfo in an airport, he said.

But when Claudine and their mother, Inday, attacked Gretchen, that was a different story.

As an older brother, Jay-Jay felt the need to protect Gretchen, who was seemingly disowned by their mother.

“Even in the Mon Tulfo thing, I didn’t say a thing. But that one showed you what kind of person Claudine is, what she’s capable of."

Claudine was shown in the video attacking Tulfo. She was with her estranged husband, Raymart Santiago.

“Wala ako sinabi. Even in Claudine’s quarrels before, wala. Ngayon lang ako nagsalita. Banatan na nila ako, I want to tell the truth."

Jay-Jay said their mother should have never made that letter public--the one where she belittled Gretchen as nothing more than an "ST Queen."

“Prinsipyo na ito. What I’m saying is just the truth. Now if the truth will hurt them and lumabas na sa publiko, that’s not my doing. I just have to refute all the lies. All the lies. I cannot stand it anymore."

Jay-Jay also reacted to the attacks against him on the Internet. Some said he was an addict.

The elder Barretto admitted he had some issues with substances in the past, but all that were behind him now. He doesn't even drink alcohol these days, he added.

He then challenged Claudine to undergo a drug test, seemingly pointing out that it was his youngest sister who is on drugs.

“I went to rehab, I don’t deny that. I was lost, but I got myself sober. Mom and dad should seek help for Claudine."

“Huwag ibigay kung ano ang gusto ni Claudine, ibigay kung ano ang kelangan. Get her a psychiatrist, get her... If she has a problem, she should seek help."

He then questioned why their mother had to make public the letter she personally wrote for Gretchen. Jay-Jay said it is as if his mother is trying to get back Claudine's career by making the public talk about her even in a negative way.

“I cannot comprehend what kind of mom would expose her family like this—just to please Claudine!"

Claudine apparently controls their mother, Inday, who at one time was trembling after a phone conversation with her youngest daughter.

Jay-Jay said Claudine often shouts at their mother or commands her to fight with whoever Claudine wants.

He also lamented the fact that the issues hounding their family now can affect the health of their father, who has already suffered from several heart attacks.

“Claudine needs professional help—anger management or something. Her moods are unstable. One minute, she is so mad; one minute, she is so mabait."

When asked what he meant by Claudine being a "violent" person at times, Jay-Jay said it should be Raymart's call to answer that.

He admitted it was Claudine who helped their family through tough times. He added his youngest sister is quite generous to their parents, to him and to her nieces and nephews.

However, Jay-Jay felt that what Claudine is doing now is simply too much.

“Sure, they have utang na loob kay Claudine. Pero hanggang saan nila ito-tolerate si Claudine? Up to when magbabayad ng utang na loob si Mommy at Daddy?”

He said their whole family is in denial that Claudine needs psychiatric help.

“You know, if there’s anything good that will come out of all this—iyon lang, na maayos na si Claudine. Kasi kung naayos na nila si Claudine nung December, none of this will happen."

He was referring to a meeting on December 21 when they all agreed that Claudine should be hospitalized for one year to 18 months. But that was before Claudine managed to convince their mother that nothing is wrong with her.

Jay-Jay called their mother Claudine's "enabler"--someone who is supporting a problematic person's denial of his/her condition.

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Jay-Jay Barretto Says His Parents Should

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