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Judy Ann Santos Dismisses Rumors Linking Ryan Agoncillo To Isabelle Daza

Judy Ann Santos simply rendered a wry remark when asked about her take on rumors that link her husband Ryan Agoncillo with new actress Isabelle Daza. In a report that was featured in the April 28 episode of GMA-7’s ‘H.O.T. TV,’ Santos expressed her disappointment over efforts to romantically link Agoncillo with different actresses.

Agoncillo and Daza are regular co-hosts of the noontime show ‘Eat Bulaga.’ Rumor mongers are putting malice into the observed ‘extra closeness’ between the two especially on the set of the show. Eat Bulaga is a daily variety/game show that airs from the Broadway Centrum studio in New Manila, Quezon City.

Santos is confident that nothing is going on between the two. She has emphasized that Agoncillo and Daza are just friends who enjoy each other’s company. In fact, the actress thinks Daza is too young to be involved in such an intrigue.

She remains all-praises about Daza. Santos described the younger actress as a charming and engaging woman. She reiterated that she likes Daza especially because she came from the clan of the Daza’s which is popular in the industry as excellent cooks.

Heading to Splitsville

For some time now, there have been rumors that the Agoncillo couple’s marriage life is on the rocks. Santos was quick to belittle such reports. She pointed out that she was even invited to join the cast and crew of the noontime show in their recent trip to Hong Kong. She clarified that the trip made her spend more time to have a good quality bonding with her husband.

Santos was amused that Daza is now being identified as a possible cause of the rumored breakup. She recalled that before Daza, Agoncillo was formerly linked with other co-hosts and co-stars. Some showbiz reporters thought that Santos’ gesture to bring lunch to ‘Eat Bulaga’ set on several occasions was a strategy to spy on her husband and to hit the conscience of any girl in her watch.

Laughing about it

Santos assured that she and her husband are just laughing out such nasty rumors. She even narrated an instance when she brought out the rumor to Agoncillo. She said it felt embarrassing to tell her husband that there are reports that the two of them are filing for annulment. Santos smiled that Agoncillo even joked that if such annulment would proceed, he would again marry her.

But the couple is amused and is wondering where such nasty speculations could be actually originating. They are just laughing about those rumors. Santos revealed that eventually, they realized that it could be part of living as a showbiz couple. She is just amused that some malicious minds could instantly come up with such gossips without having enough basis.

Agoncillo is regularly seen in the daily noontime show. He also hosts a talent show in TV5 every primetime weekend. Santos, on the other hand, remains as among her home studio’s most prized talents. She is set to star in a new teleserye with KC Concepcion as her villain.

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Judy Ann Santos Dismisses Rumors Linking Ryan Agoncillo To Isabelle Daza

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