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Jay-Jay Barretto Refutes Sister Gia’s Letter: “There Were So Many Lies”

The Barretto family feud is still far from getting over. Joaquin ‘Jay-Jay’ Barretto has again made clarifications to refute what he calls as ‘lies’ that came with his US-based sister, Gia’s open letter addressed to Gretchen. The 51-year old Barretto agreed to be interviewed by entertainment editor Jo-Ann Maglipon through phone in April 26.

In that conversation, Jay-Jay revealed that he was bothered how Gia and their mom Inday have been using some truths in their family life to fabricate or support their lies. He emphasized that all these brouhaha would never have gotten public if their mom didn’t come out in public to defend her youngest daughter Claudine and ‘let go’ of Gretchen.

Here are some of the juiciest highlights of that published interview.

Division within family

It didn’t surprise anyone when Jay-Jay revealed that the Barretto family is now literally divided because of this issue. He revealed that their parents along with Gia (the fourth sibling) and Michi (second oldest sibling) are siding with Claudine. He noted that Michi is expected to make that stand since he is deeply indebted to Claudine.

On the other side, Jay-Jay discloses that he is with their oldest sibling Mito and Marjorie (their sixth sibling). They are backing Gretchen. According to Jay-Jay, Mito is not the type who would divulge his feelings and views to the public. But Jay-Jay added that when they talk to each other, Mito becomes vocal about his sentiments.

About their dad

Jay-Jay asserts that it is not their intention to discredit their dad, Miguel Barretto. He added that he does not want to make their dad seem helpless and unable to provide for the family. But he has constantly emphasized that their dad had several heart attacks, which somehow affected his ability to generate income for the growing family.

According to Jay-Jay, what Gia said about them living extravagantly was half true. It happened when they were living in Cebu, where his dad used to own a thriving business. They were living comfortably in a nice house and enjoying exclusive club memberships.

But it was not true that they had their own yayas and chauffeurs. Jay-Jay revealed that Inday treats household helps indifferently. He also claimed to have served as the family driver for many years.

But things went bad in 1978 when the family business had to cease operations. The family had to relocate to Makati to live in their grandmother’s residence. Jay-Jay recalled that he was around 18 years old then, while Gretchen was 10. Their lifestyle had changed then.

Ingrate Gia

In the interview, Jay-Jay pointed out that Gia is a total ingrate for turning her back on Gretchen, who he said had really helped her financially many times. Jay-Jay underlined the fact that it was Gretchen who sent Gia to the Ateneo University in college, where she also completed her Master’s degree. It was also Gretchen who provided for Gia’s needs when she relocated to Boston, Massachusetts. In fact, Jay-Jay added, it was Gretchen who funded Gia’s startup daycare center in her area.

He has a theory, though, about why Gia possibly resent Gretchen these days. Jay-Jay recalled that Gia once asked $50,000 from Gretchen to buy a home in Boston. But Gretchen refused to provide that time because the two of them were having some minor misunderstanding.

Gretchen as boss

Jay-Jay denied Gia’s accusation that he is currently under Gretchen’s employ. He said he is technically not an employee of his sister, although the two of them are planning to put up a business together. He clarified that before he left his post at the Bureau of Immigration, he had already saved money for his future.

He recalled that it was Gretchen’s partner Tony Boy Cojuangco who asked him to resign when President Noy Aquino was elected in 2010 to avoid any possible issue about their connections. PNoy and Cojuangco are first cousins and Gretchen is a friend of the president’s sister Kris Aquino.

In the end, Jay-Jay pointed out that the family was rather poor contrary to Gia’s claims that they had always been well off. He summarized that the family was living in style before 1978 but the tables have changed afterwards due to a failed family business. Just a few years after that, it was the time that Gretchen started earning from showbiz to help the family.

Jay-Jay also revealed that he is also baffled why their mom has always hated Gretchen. He echoed Tania Montenegro’s (Gretchen’s long time close friend) observation that Gretchen had not felt any form of affection from Inday. Jay-Jay closed the interview by saying that he has no idea why their mom has always acted this way towards Gretchen.

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Jay-Jay Barretto Refutes Sister Gia’s Letter: “There were so many lies”

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