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Gia Barretto Attacks Jay-Jay Barretto's Past But Doesn't Answer Allegations Of Financial Indebtedness To Gretchen

Although Gia Barretto answered the interview granted by her brother Jay-Jay Barretto to PEP.PH, she wasn't able to confirm or deny the alleged "facts" presented there by her older brother.

Instead of answering Jay-Jay's allegations that she was angry at Gretchen since the latter did not lend her money for a house she wanted to buy, Gia attacked her brother's abusive past and his incapability to provide for his son.

Jay-Jay also said that it was Gretchen who sent Gia to college, graduate school and even helped her establish a day care center in the United States.

But Gia did not answer these allegations, and instead told Jay-Jay that he has to be careful in weaving too many lies.

“I suggest you borrow a lesson from Mark Twain: ‘If you tell the truth, you won't have to remember anything.’ If you did, then maybe your rantings will have some cohesiveness."

“And that this may lead to the realizations that your past habit has affected your mind.”

The said past habit refers to Jay-Jay's apparent abuse of substances in the past; something the older Barretto said he has already taken care of when he went into rehab.

Gia said this will be the last time she will send a statement regarding their family's feud.

“Honestly though, let’s end this already. I issued a statement asking that my parents and siblings be left alone. That's all."

“It's amusing how from that one request sprung a barrage of allegations.”

Gia said Jay-Jay is panicking because he cannot prove anything of what he was saying. She added that any response to Jay-Jay's accusations will only degrade her brother further.

“You don't even know it but you've become a nuisance at 51 years old."

“I'm just too busy to waste my time on this. Unlike you, my children depend on me to provide for them and nurture them."

She accused Jay-Jay of being used "as a pawn in someone's sick game."

“Your legacy to your children: To dishonor and destroy your parents."

She said she still pities her older brother because the "demons" will haunt him in the future.

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Gia Barretto Attacks Jay-Jay Barretto's Past But Doesn't Answer Allegations Of Financial Indebtedness To Gretchen

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