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Heart Evangelista Struggles Between Choosing Love Or Following Her Parents' Wishes

Heart Evangelista's parents still refuse to speak with her because of her continued relationship with Senator Chiz Escudero.

Her parents, especially her mother Cecile, are against Evangelista's relationship with the senator.

The very first victim of this squabble between Evangelista and her parents is her relationship with actor Jericho Rosales. It was in the ABS-CBN teleserye "Panday" that the two first met. At that time, Evangelista was 21 years old while Rosales was 27 years old.

Evangelista said she rebelled against her parents when they disapproved of Rosales for her. She thought it was a "you and me against the world" situation.

She left her parents' home and run away with Rosales with nothing in her bank account.

Rosales earlier admitted he is not in speaking terms with his then girlfriend's parents.

Evangelista, whose real name is Love Marie Ongpauco, comes from a rich family who owns a popular Filipino food chain.

Rosales said he needed to take care of Evangelista then because he wants to show her parents that he deserves to be with their daughter.

After Evangelista made up with her parents, the actor said he is happy to see that they patched things up.

But four years into their relationship, Evangelista suddenly broke up with Rosales because of rumored "infidelity" issues.

Rosales said people around his then girlfriend poisoned her mind into thinking that he cheated on her.

The actor was in Malaysia then taping for "Kahit Isang Saglit" with actress Carmen Soo. Evangelista was in Dubai for "Asero."

Evangelista maintained though in an interview with "Star Talk" that Rosales cheated on her. She said her boyfriend changed so much that she cannot understand him anymore.

But in the May 2013 issue of Yes! Magazine, Evangelista admitted that Rosales never cheated on her. She believed her parents back then when they told her that Rosales was cheating on her with Soo.

“I really did. And that was because they told me that he was and I was convinced.”

Her parents also didn't tell her that Rosales waited for her for five hours in her condo.

After her ordeal with Rosales, Evangelista said she just accepted that it was her parents' way of showing her how much they love her.

Her next boyfriend was Daniel Matsunaga, the Japanese-Brazilian model-turned-actor.

At first, his relationship with Evangelista's parents is okay. However, after the actress visited his family in Brazil, things turned sour.

Matsunaga didn't comment about Evangelista's parents. He said it was a mutual decision to break up, and the reasons are all personal.

Evangelista said then that it was because of their cultural differences. She denied that her family was the reason.

But at the height of the controversies with Escudero, Matsunaga couldn't help but comment that he can relate to what the senator was going through.

This might mean that Evangelista's parents also disapproved of her relationship with the Japanese-Brazilian model.

In her interview with Yes!, Evangelista said that she was with her mother in a restaurant in Taguig when she saw Escudero. Her mother was even giddy over them meeting because she knows her daughter has a long-time crush on the senator.

During her first date with Escudero, she and her mother are reportedly “laughing and giggling the whole time.”

Her father, Rey Ongpauco, also warmly welcomed Escudero.

But everything changed when the two officially became a couple. Evangelista's parents called for a press conference and appealed to the senator to leave their daughter alone and find someone his age.

They also said that Escudero was drunk and reeking of alcohol when they first met him, contrary to Evangelista's version of the story.

Escudero begged off from being part of the controversy, and said it was between Evangelista and her parents.

Evangelista's parents enumerated the reason why they couldn't accept the senator for their daughter: 1. he is still married in the Church; 2. he has a personality problem; 3. he is alcoholic; 4. he disillusioned their daughter that he will become president in 2016; 5. he is opportunistic; and 6. he pushes Evangelista to remove her mother as a talent manager.

Escudero called foul on these allegations, and said his children and mother are already getting affected by the accusations hurled against him.

Evangelista said she was embarrassed by the way her parents are acting since Escudero's family has shown her nothing but kindness.

“One day,— if they’re not ready to see me even from afar— one day they’ll be proud of me."

“I’ll make sure of that.”

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Heart Evangelista Struggles Between Choosing Love Or Following Her Parents' Wishes

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