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Gia Barretto-Reyes Says Brother Joaquin Is Trading His Soul

Gia Barretto-Reyes has come out with another statement reacting to comments made by his brother Joaquin Barretto in the ongoing bitter feud inside the Barretto clan. According to Gia, Joaquin is trading his soul.

“You're trading your soul,” Gia wrote in an email addressed to Joaquin and sent to the Philippine Entertainment Portal.

Joaquin has recently made comments to the publication saying Gia has made so many lies against their Gretchen Barretto when she came to the defense of mother Inday Barretto and Claudine Barretto.

Gia, in the email, started by saying that she is going to talk about principles.

She said that Joaquin is allowing their parents to hang dry by not doing anything to refute lies when their parents are accused of physical abuse “where none existed.”

Furthermore, she accused her brother of taking the role of “appointed and hired spokesperson to purposely drag you (sic) mom to the dirt.” Reprimanding Joaquin, Gia said that this is the same person who acted as his defended for all of his 51 years.

“You were banking on her defending you despite all the cruel things you have said about her,” she told her brother.

Furthermore, she said that Joaquin constantly convinces others and his own self that his motives are pure.

“You are out to help a sibling in need. Very honorable except that the statements you make are obviously out to do permanent damage not ‘HELP,’” Gia wrote.

She also asked whether or not his brother finds it “just a teeny bit pretentious when you say that you are affected because you can not (sic) see our ‘sick dad’?”

“Yet, despite his heart problems not to mention his age of 75, you come out with hurtful and damaging allegations,” she added.

“Can you not find some decency in you? Allow dad and mom to live what's remaining of their years here on earth with dignity,” Gia continued.

She also said that it is easy to “preach” but hard to walk the talk.

“You hail yourself as savior and ask people to fix or change their life but you still are at the crossroads of yours at 51. You are still not back on your feet. Others still carry yours and your son's,” she wrote.

She also has advise for her brother because she says she is “respectful of your rights to fix your own life.”

“Try good old, normal work, J?’ Working for your keep is good for your soul. This present employment you have has no dignity in it. It's more of a trade.... You're trading your soul,” she said.

Ending the email, Gia had more hurtful words for Joaquin.

She wrote “Yes, I agree. Your life has certainly changed. Any mature and responsible person would have known this. Sadly again, you are neither. Now, you have managed to become the ‘poster boy’ of an ad campaign that contradicts the commandment, ‘Honor your father and mother.’ You have finally found your niche.”

Joaquin has been accused of being employed by Gretchen in the current row between her and her sister Claudine.

Gia did not address allegations made by Joaquin about being an ingrate to Gretchen after the actress reportedly supported Gia financially on numerous occasions.

Claudine is said to be blocking the entry of Julia Barretto, daughter of Marjorie Barretto and Dennis Padilla, into showbiz. This she is doing as she battles with the fact that her careers is at a low, according to allegations made by Gretchen and Marjorie.

Their mother Inday has also entered the fray as she came out to defend Claudine saying that Gretchen is “evil”. She has also disowned Gretchen.

Inday has also said that Gretchen did not have to stop school to support her family. They had a comfortable life all along, the matriarch said, and would never have let a teenager work for the family.

Together with Gia, Inday has maintained that the trouble is all Gretchen’s fault and that Claudine is the victim in the whole scandal.

Inday also said recently that she came out to tell who among her children is “wrong”.

For her part, Gia has said that Gretchen has repeatedly hurt their family, driving her siblings and their parents away. Furthermore, she said that Gretchen has ridiculed their parents in front of friends, strangers and even them.

Gia has also echoed what her mother said in the past that their father has always been able to provide for their family. She said that they were never poor and that they lived in “big beautiful houses,” slept in carpeted and air-conditioned rooms, studied in exclusive schools, ate whatever food they wanted, had memberships in exclusive country clubs and had their own yayas, a midwife, and chauffers.

She said Gretchen was never forced to enter show business to provide for the family. Contrary to what defenders of Gretchen say, it was Claudine who supported the family when troubles came, Gia said.

“Claudine made an effort to be there always… laudine paid for my med at UBC just as she paid for a lot of our nieces' and nephews' education. She gave them (our nieces and nephews), iPads, iPhones, concert tickets, clothes and so much more. She spoiled all of us not because she needed to but she wanted to. She, unlike you, has never equated her value with money or material possessions,” Gia said in the previous statement.

Meanwhile, other personalities have come to the defense of Gretchen.

Mother Lily Monteverde, the matriarch of Regal Entertainment, recently said that Gretchen, despite keeping mum on the scandal, is hurting.

“She cried, she talked to me a while ago. She was crying,” Monteverde said.

Furthermore, she said that she pities Gretchen because she loves her “so much”. “Gretchen, you are a precious gift. I treasure you so much because I know who you are, and I love you from the bottom of my heart,” she told Gretchen.

Monteverde also confirmed that Gretchen did support her family.

“I cannot speak on this issue (on whether Gretchen was forced to work by her parents at a young age), but she (Gretchen) started with me (as a Regal talent) at 12 or 13. She really strived hard to work for her family. It was the mom [handling the finances], 'yung kinikita. Basta I know she always mentioned, every time she gets paid, that she's excited to give it to her family,” ABS-CBN News quotes Monteverde saying.

“I don't want to hurt Inday. Also, I don't want to hurt Gretchen. But in my heart, I know who Gretchen Barretto is. I really love Gretchen. Kung ano ang mga intriga sa kanya, I will be the first one to defend her, because I know her very well,” Monteverde continued.

Another personality to come to the support of Gretchen is former Seiko Films producer Robbie Tan who said that Gretchen supported her family.

“Hardworking siya para makatulong,” he told PEP recently.

“Sa pagkakaalam ko, Gretchen is a very good daughter. At the time na nagtatrabaho siya sa akin, ang alam ko, ang malaking chunk ng income niya, napupunta sa pamilya,” he continued.

In another past statement, Tan said that Gretchen is very much hurting because of this latest fued.

The Barretto sisters have been involved in another row eight years ago. Claudine and husband Raymart Santiago recently figured in the news after a physical fight with news personality Ramon Tulfo.

Tania Montenegro, a long-time friend of Gretchen even before she became a celebrity, also recently showed her support for the actress.

She recalled that Gretchen was not treated as well as her other siblings evidenced by her not having enough for “baon” during their stay at Colegio de San Agustin. She also said that one time, Gretchen was sent out of their classroom because her tuition was not paid on time.

She also recalled one incident when Gretchen had a bruise on her face but did not want to talk about it when asked.

Inday Barretto said recently that she believes Gretchen paid Tania to come to her defense, an allegation denied by Tania saying her friendship with Gretchen, which stretches back from even before the actress got linked to billionaire Tony Boy Cojuangco, has never involved any money.

Meanwhile, Joaquin Barretto, in defending his sister Gretchen, said recently that they did live a comfortable life but only up until their father had heart problems and their family business needed to close.

He said that they never had yayas or chauffers. He said that they were living an opulent lifestyle up to 1978 when everything changed.

He also said that Gia is an ingrate because Gretchen was the one who really helped her financially.

Joaquin said that Gretchen was the one who sent Gia to the Ateneo de Manila University and was the one who provided for Gia when she moved to Boston, Massachusetts.

Gretchen also provided the seed fund for Gia’s daycare center in the U.S., Joaquin said.

Gretchen and Claudine are yet to talk publicly about the feud which partly started after Gretchen and Marjorie lashed out at a Julia Barretto basher on Instagram who they appear to be certain is Claudine.

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Gia Barretto-Reyes Says Brother Joaquin Is Trading His Soul

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