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Joaquin Barretto On Mom Inday: ‘In Mommy’s Eyes, It’s Just Claudine. Only Claudine.’

He does not understand it but Joaquin “Jay-Jay” Barretto says that their mother Inday Barretto has had no love for Gretchen Barretto from the start.

The biting remark comes from Joaquin as the feud that has divided the Barretto clan rages on with him and other personalities exchanging scathing statements with Inday and Gia Barretto-Reyes who are defending Claudine Barretto against Gretchen.

Joaquin made the statement to the Philippine Entertainment Portal while he reacted to a letter sent by Gia to their mother which their mother sent to members of the press.

According to Joaquin, he has never seen affection from their mother toward Gretchen.

“Ever since, I never saw Mom show any love for Gretchen. Up to now, Gretchen has to prove herself. Ay, naku, wala. Mom talks bad about her, never ending 'yan, never ending 'yan,” Joaquin told PEP.

“She always hated Gretchen. Kung anong pagmamahal niya kay Claudine, siya namang galit niya kay Gretchen,” he added.

“Kahit to acknowledge what [Gretchen has] given to the family, wala! Gretchen gave so much to the family, but in Mommy’s eyes, it’s just Claudine. Only Claudine. Sobrang galit kay Greta,” he continued.

He told PEP that he cannot understand it but “Mom never had kahit konting amor for Gretchen. Hindi ko nga alam bakit.”

During the interview with PEP Editor-In-Chief Jo-Ann Maglipon, Joaquin also refuted a lot of things Gia said.

He said that Gia may be telling the truth about their lavish lifestyle in the past, but it is only a part of the whole story. He says that not telling the whole story is akin to lying.

One of the main points of the controversy now is how their mother Inday and Gia consider Gretchen.

Defenders of Gretchen say that she has worked for the family in the past but Inday and Gia maintain that Gretchen never was a big contributor to their family’s welfare when she was young. In fact, in previous interviews, Inday said she was even “abonado” with Gretchen’s expenses when she was still starting out in show business.

However, Joaquin said that Gretchen played a big role in tiding over the family when they were struggling. He said that for a long time, he has never went public before despite his sisters’ involvement in controversies, but now he has had enough and he is speaking because there have been so many lies told by Inday and Gia.

In a part of the interview, he said “Pero ito, sobra na. Mga lies na ang pinag-uusapan dito. Sinisiraan nina Mommy ang isang kapatid namin [Gretchen] para lang ma-please ang isang kapatid [Claudine].”

“Walang pakialam si Mommy kung magkasira-sira ang pamilya—lahat para kay Claudine. Mom is so blinded, she is so one- sided,” Joaquin added.

“Pati Daddy, damay. Tama ba ’yon? How can I not speak?” he continued.

Meanwhile, he admitted that they did live in style when they were in Cebu but that all changed when their family lost their business and had to move to Makati and live in a single room in their

“You know what? Iyang ‘kinukuwento ni Gia na buhay na maganda, sa Cebu ’yon. Halos do’n lang ‘pinanganak si Marjorie noon. Maganda buhay namin doon,” he explained.

He said that it all happened when the siblings were like ten or eleven years old.

“We had a good life in Cebu, but when we transferred here [Makati], when I was fifteen or eighteen, it wasn’t like that. Si Gretchen, mga nine or ten noon,” he continued.

“We never had yayas. My mom can’t have yayas! She’s not nice to helpers, everybody knows that. At walang driver! I was the one driving for everyone. That’s the truth,” he said.

“Of course, ’yong sinasabi ni Gia, that’s not a lie, but it’s hiding the truth. You know what I mean? Parang—ito ’yong ‘kinukuwento niya, pero bakit hindi niya ikuwento ’yong the other side naman?” he added.

“Kasi she’s telling the truth probably about our life in Cebu and all that, but you know, when you’re not telling the whole story, it’s like lying na rin,” he said.

He said it was tough when they moved to Manila. “We were all sleeping in one room, actually. Nasa isang room lang kami sa bahay ng lola ko.”

“Ayoko na sanang lumabas ’yan, kasi kawawa ang daddy, but I have to dispute what Gia was saying, e. Hindi totoo ’yon, e!” he said.

He even challenged Gia saying “Ano’ng driver ang sinasabi niya? Sabihin nga niya kung ano ang pangalan ng driver?”

Joaquin, who is Gretchen’s older brother, reflected that maybe Gretchen did have a traumatic childhood.

He said that maybe, Gretchen felt that she was obliged carry all the burden when she entered show business.

“Maybe she felt that way. Maybe she felt deprived. Maybe she deserved more,” he said. “She earned a lot of money. Where did it go? Di ba wala naman siyang naipundar during that time? For them [his parents and Gia] to deny that, and not acknowledge that? E, hindi naman tama ’yon.”

He said Gretchen helped a lot from the start.

“Parang ‘pinapalabas nila na si Claudine ang tumulong. Of course not! Si Gretchen ang tumulong talaga noong umpisa. Noong tumulong na si Claudine, we were kinda well-off na. Okey naman na si Daddy,” he said.

“Until pumasok si Gretchen sa showbiz, gumanda na naman ang buhay namin. Why can’t they acknowledge that?” he asked.

“Nung gumanda ang buhay namin, it was Gretchen. Why can’t they admit that?” he said in another part of the interview.

Joaquin also pointed out how ungrateful Gia is. He lamented that even after all the help Gretchen has given to Gia, she still talks the way she does about her sister.

“Walang utang na loob ’yang tao na ’yan. Wala,” he said.

“Si Gretchen, never siyang naging madamot kay Gia. Nag-aral ’yan ng college, Psychology—si Gretchen ’yon. Nag-aral uli sa Canada, gipit din siya doon—si Gretchen pa rin. $3,000 a month bigay ni Gretchen,” he added.

“'Yong daycare niya sa Boston [Massachusetts, USA]—meron siya, it's small lang naman—pero si Gretchen din ’yon,” Joaquin continued.

“Pupunta siya dito, ’yong tickets niya, bayad. Bibigyan pa ’yan ng hundreds of thousands of pesos [pag nandito], tapos may pabaon pa ’yan pauwi, $5,000, ganyan,” he said.

He said at a later part of the interview “Si Gia, siya lang ang bukod-tanging nakapag-Ateneo. Bukod tanging nakatikim ng masters degree. Bukod tangi sa aming magkakapatid. Pero ni isang kusing, walang naitulong sa pamilya.”

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Joaquin Barretto On Mom Inday: ‘In Mommy’s eyes, it’s just Claudine. Only Claudine.’

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