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Pnoy Gets A Dinner Invite From Pamela Anderson

President Noynoy Aquino is the first bachelor president of the country. That is why his love life is almost always among the interests of the public. In the past several years since his assumption to office, many celebrities have been romantically linked to the president, but almost all were just speculations.

Barely a month ago, PNoy, as he is popularly called, was linked to beauty queen-turned actress Bianca Manalo. The two reportedly went out on a dinner together. But Manalo later clarified that it was not a romantic date since they went out as a group and the dinner only happened once.

Before her, PNoy was linked to TV host Grace Lee, who openly admitted that the two of them were dating at that time. It was not confirmed if the two went on to become an item. But the president and Lee apparently did not last as they are now both openly single. Lee is concentrating on her TV hosting career.

And who could forget the short-lived romance between PNoy and Valenzuela councilor Shalani Soledad, now Shalani Romulo after she married a politician from Pasig City? They were officially an item before PNoy was elected as president in 2010. Unfortunately, just months after taking oath in the office, the couple broke up and Soledad pursued a TV hosting career.

Pamela Anderson

Guess who is inviting the president to dinner? It is Baywatch star Pamela Anderson. (Baywatch is a hit US TV show in the 1990s that also starred David Hasselhoff.) The former Playboy playmate has asked PNoy to a dinner once the president drops by Los Angeles in California.

The Hollywood star apparently wants to spend time with PNoy not just to know him but to talk about how Mali can be further helped. Mali is a 39-year-old elephant that has been among the attractions in Manila Zoo. PNoy recently ordered the transferring of Mali to a better and more comfortable sanctuary.

Anderson expressed her admiration for PNoy for his strong and serious stance about the elephant. She emphasized that it is currently hard to find a leader who would not put his self interest as a priority but PNoy proved otherwise. She added that she is inspired by the president’s integrity and character.

To end her statement, Anderson quoted Gandhi, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” She asserted that she thinks that the Philippines is indeed a great nation.

PETA member

In case you are wondering why Anderson is so concerned about Mali, she is an active member of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). The group advocates on fighting for animal rights around the world.
In a press statement, PETA expressed its support for plans to transfer Mali to a sanctuary. It emphasizes that in its current environment, the elephant is denied stimulation, room for exploration, and socialization because of captivity.

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Pnoy Gets A Dinner Invite From Pamela Anderson

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