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Marjorie Barretto Admits Raunchy Photos Are Hers: ‘My Photos!’

Marjorie Barretto has confirmed that she is the woman in the racy photos which went viral on the internet over the weekend.

The admission comes after the contradictory statements about the photos made by Barretto herself and her lawyer recently.

In an interview with Philippine Entertainment Portal Editor-In-Chief Jo-Ann Maglipon, Barretto said “When I finally got to my lawyer’s office, oh my god, ang dami na palang mga lumabas! My photos! Thursday pa pala! We talked Monday na!”

She granted an interview with Maglipon to clarify why she and her lawyer gave contradictory statements about the scandal.

Earlier, Barretto denied being the woman in the photos saying “No. That's not me. I would never do something like that. That's not my nature.”

However, her lawyer, Atty. Lorna Kapunan, told ABS-CBN News recently that “She’s a mother, she’s very upset. She’s not running for any public office precisely because she wants to guard her privacy. She has growing up daughters and ang concern niya is they are in the formative years where they understand. That’s why we are also respecting the media na sana huwag na interviewhin si Marj.”

According to Barretto, she was “stunned” when Maglipon called her about the photos. It was apparently the first time she heard about the snowballing scandal.

“I didn’t know what you were talking about. I didn’t even know that there was anything circulating anywhere about me,” Barretto told Maglipon.

She said that at the time Maglipon called her asking about the photos, she just woke up and as a result, she was “really caught unaware.”
Telling Maglipon that she knew Barretto well, the politician and former actress said that if she cannot tell the truth, she will not lie.

“If I won’t answer, it must be because I can’t give an honest answer. In other words, if I cannot tell the truth, I would rather not talk,” she told Maglipon.

“I didn’t want to give you a statement at first because I really didn’t know what this was about. I asked you to describe the photos to me, and [when you did] I really did not recognize myself as being the person. That’s why I said it wasn’t me,” she said.

She added that prior to Maglipon’s call, nobody informed her about the photos.

“And now I’ve admitted it, then it must be because I don’t want to push myself in a position where I have to lie,” she said in a later part of the interview.

Meanwhile, Barretto said that her lawyers are “serious about taking to court anyone who will continue to do this.”

Barretto also said that she will not talk about the scandal anymore. She said that she just granted an interview to Maglipon because she was thankful that the PEP Editor-In-Chief was the only member of the press to have “bothered to checked with me” and inform her about the photos.

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Marjorie Barretto Admits Raunchy Photos Are Hers: ‘My Photos!’

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