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Camille Prats Reacts To Angelica Panganiban’s No-Holds-Barred Interview

It is always better late than never. Showbiz bystanders have finally convinced Camille Prats to give her reaction over her involvement in Angelica Panganiban’s recent tell-all interview. It took more than a month for that awaited reaction to be heard.

In a published conversation in the April 2013 issue of ABS-CBN Publishing’s Star Studio magazine, Panganiban recalled that the she experienced the worst form of betrayal when her former boyfriend, Carlo Aquino, eventually courted her then best friend Prats just a few weeks after their breakup.

In a media interview, Prats said it has been 14 years since that issue came out. Prats emphasized that she is not into discussing events in her past especially if that does not matter to her anymore. She disclosed that she is in good terms with Panganiban and she wants to spare their friendship by saying nothing more about the issue. Prats added that she remains civil with Aquino.

Teenage relationship

In 2006, Panganiban and Aquino decided to end their six-year teenage relationship. Shortly after that, rumors spread that the young actor was starting to woo Prats, who was apparently Panganiban’s closest buddy that time. The two actresses have been close friends since their childhood years, which they spent doing several ABS-CBN and Star Cinema projects together.

In the recent magazine interview, Panganiban revealed that she was totally hurt that time to hear the rumors. She said that time, she could not easily take the possibility that Aquino would see another girl and worse, it was Prats, just shortly after their separation.

However, Panganiban said she made sure her friendship with Prats would remain intact. The 26-year-old actress revealed that after the rumors spread out, the two of them eventually got the chance to discuss the matter to clear things out. She recalled that the issue grew out of proportion because of the intervention of other people.

Kiss and makeup

She remembered that the first time she and Prats met after the issue, the two of them immediately hugged each other. They talked about many things but not about the issue with Aquino. To Panganiban’s words, the talk was like nothing happened between the three of them. It was not clarified whether Prats and Aquino really became an item or if there was any truth to rumors that Panganiban and Prats really fought over him.

What was the reason behind the breakup of Panganiban and Aquino? She recalled that the two of them were not given the chance to take the relationship to the next level. Panganiban could not help but smile about the usual setup during their romantic dates. She revealed that the two of them always brought along chaperones whenever they would go out on a date.

She said her mom would always go with her, while Aquino would always be accompanied by his parents. Panganiban could not recall any date that the two of them were left alone. She disclosed that they would always eat out on a group date in a fastfood.

It is a common knowledge that after that breakup, Panganiban eventually found a new and more serious relationship in actor/model Derek Ramsay. The two of them were an item for six years until their controversial breakup in February 2012. She is now committed to actor John Lloyd Cruz. Meanwhile, Prats was married in 2008 to businessman Anthony Linsagan, who died in September 2011 due to cancer.

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Camille Prats Reacts to Angelica Panganiban’s No-Holds-Barred Interview

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