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Director Wenn Deramas Reportedly Breaks Up With DJ Durano

For the longest time, director Wenn Deramas and his protégé DJ Durano have been subject of malicious speculations. There have been rumors that the two are romantically involved. To many people, this explains why the actor has always been included in the cast of all the TV and movie projects that Deramas do.

Time flies. It has been 10 years since those rumors have started spreading. Up until now, none of the two has yet confirmed any truthfulness to the nasty rumors. But now, there have been talks that their alleged relationship has finally ended. Just like many couples in show businesses, this might be another case wherein involved parties admit about the breakup first before confirming the relationship.

Supposed breakup

In a media interview for his latest movie ‘Bromance,’ director Deramas neither confirmed nor denied when asked about their breakup. He simply said that Durano might be having other preferences these days. But the director explained that right now, Durano is doing two other films simultaneously: ‘Nagalit ang Buwan’ and ‘Huling Henya.’ But he meaningfully hinted that Durano might not be seen in his future projects.

Deramas refused to further elaborate about the cause of the current tiff between him and Durano. He just said it would be difficult for him to give forgiveness if the other party is not yet asking for it. He emphasized that it is just normal for friends to have gaps but he said it is impossible for them not to see each other eye to eye one day because local showbiz is a closed circuit.

However, the box-office director assured that the fault is not his. He hopes that everything would turn out fine in the right time. He added that he is an understanding and patient person. He just does not want to be fooled.

New boy

Now that Durano is starting to fade out from his projects, it is noticeable that a new startup actor is getting more visible. Indie actor Jeff Luna, according to rumors, is his new apple of the eyes. According to insiders, Luna is now getting the roles that Durano used to enjoy in most of Deramas’ TV and movie projects.

Deramas emphasized that Luna is just another friend. He said the indie actor is decent, kind, and nice. Luna reportedly asked for Deramas’ support because the indie celebrity wants to go mainstream. For his part, Deramas committed his help.

He recalled how the two of them met. Deramas watched one of Luna’s daring indie movies. It was there that he met the aspiring actor. The director said he was initially impressed but was further interested when he found out that Luna is actually a nice guy. He is not denying the fact that he and Luna are now often seen going out together.

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Director Wenn Deramas Reportedly Breaks Up with DJ Durano

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