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Xian Lim Finally Explains His Side On The Alleged Feud With Enchong Dee

Last week, it was reported that Xian Lim and Enchong Dee almost got into an embroiled fight in the set of their No. 1 primetime TV drama series ‘Ina Kapatid Anak.’ According to insiders, there was a heated argument between the two actors when they confronted each other about a specific issue.

According to initial reports, Dee allegedly ordered to shoo away the visiting fans of Lim. This, according to talks, offended Lim, who wanted to make sure his fans were getting good treatment since most of them came from far-away places. Now, Lim has finally stepped forward to explain his side of the story.

Lim said on that day, when the incident happened, his fans came to bring food and gifts prior to Kim Chiu’s then upcoming birthday. However, he said he was aware that it was strictly prohibited in the set of the TV series to allow fans to drop by. But Lim said he did not have the heart to turn them down given the fact that those fans have spent so much for that occasion.

Complaining co-actor

He said he told the production not to reprimand him because he could not do anything then. He added that he could not send the fans away after their touching gesture for his love team partner (Chiu). He thought that was the end to that occurrence.

But he overheard that Dee was allegedly complaining about the incident. Dee was supposedly offended that his own fans were not allowed to visit him in the set. That was what was identified as sources as the root of the two leading men’s misunderstanding. According to some people, a confrontation really occurred, although nothing violent and physical happened.

Lim was quick to assert that he and Dee are okay. He revealed that they have already discussed this matter privately. He reiterated that there is currently no feud between them. Lim thinks the issue has only been blown out of proportion. He assured fans that nothing bad is going on between him and any co-actor in the same show.

Feuding leading ladies

It is a common knowledge that weeks after the same show started, the main stars Chiu and Maja Salvador got into a surprising feud. The two supposedly stopped treating each other as friends the moment Salvador agreed to occasionally go out on a date with Gerald Anderson, Chiu’s first and former boyfriend.

According to production staff and co-actors, the two actresses are effective in being professionals. They attest that even amid the heated issues between the two, the actresses would still work together without any hassle. Some people assert that Chiu and Salvador only talk to each other during actual takes of their scenes together.

Chiu was open about being uncomfortable that her former best friend and her ex-boyfriend are now hooking up. She said she was surprised that Salvador would take Anderson as a lover after all that she (Salvador) has said about him.

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Xian Lim Finally Explains His Side on the Alleged Feud with Enchong Dee

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