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Jackie Forster Prepares For A Word War Against Lolit Solis

Jackie Forster is out again in an attempt to convince ex-husband Benjie Paras to allow her to see their children Andre and Kobe. Forster is now happily married to a non-showbiz guy and is settling in Hong Kong. Paras, on the other hand, is also already married to his new wife Lyxene.

Forster had an interview that aired at ‘Startalk’ last week. In that appearance, she has accused Paras and his new wife of colluding to convince her children not to see and talk to her. She insinuated that Paras has been trying his best to take away their children from her. The two boys are already in their middle to late teenaged years.

Andre talking

The older son, Andre, who is active in sports as a varsity in UP and is also occasionally taking modeling stints, is reportedly considering finally granting a TV interview. He is aiming to clear issues once and for all to make his mother refrain from further talking.

But Paras is supposedly advising his son not to talk about the matter in public. Paras allegedly advices his sons to instead focus on their studies and not mind their mom’s public appearances.

Lolit’s involvement

Lolit Solis stands as Paras’ showbiz manager. Incidentally, she is also among the hosts of the Saturday afternoon talk show. After Forster’s taped interview, Solis could not help but to give her opinion on the issue. On the spot, Solis challenged Forster to simply reveal the truth behind her sons’ attitude towards her.

Solis did not disclose this on national TV but she mentioned in one of her tabloid columns last week that there was a time when Forster took her sons to Boracay when the two boys were just kids. Solis accused Forster of getting too drunk at a party and of getting too comfortable with several drunk men, all witnessed by the two boys.

This, according to Solis, is the real reason why her sons have become aloof and disrespectful with their mother ever since. Forster has not yet called for another TV interview yet. But she has exhibited signs that she is ready to retaliate against Solis’ pronouncements.

In her Twitter account, Forster ventilated: “There is this lady that just lost the little ounce of respect I had for her. Pakialamera kasi di naman niya alam kung ano ang totoo. #MoneyFace.” She added that she is against bullies and ‘money-face’ people. Solis, for her part, is expected to answer these indirect tirades that are clearly aimed at her. She could give her piece of mind once again in the next episode of Startalk, May 11, on GMA-7.

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Jackie Forster Prepares for a Word War against Lolit Solis

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