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Chiz Escudero Draws Criticisms For His Elections Day Fashion

Nobody could contest the fact that it was an interesting week indeed for Senator Chiz Escudero. For one, he was re-elected as a senator during the May 13 mid-terms elections. Second, his girlfriend Heart Evangelista surprised him with her appearance on his proclamation on May 16. Third, he is currently drawing countless criticisms from bashers who disliked his elections day outfit.

Yes, the 42-year-old bachelor senator did not escape the discerning eyes of fashion experts especially after he released photographs of himself after voting at his election precinct. In the picture, he was wearing slim-fitting round-neck t-shirt with an artful print. At the same time, he was wearing very tight pair of shorts that many described as resembling that of Spongebob Squarepants. As if those were not enough, he was wearing a pair of slippers.

Many people were surprised especially when the images started circulating a few hours after the May 13 elections. While some people were happy to see a senator dressing down like a common person, more people expressed disappointment about how they see that outfit as unbecoming of his political stature.

Some bloggers even volunteered to be his fashion stylist, because as they point out, Sen. Escudero really needs help in that department. Other bystanders think he is just trying to act the age of his current girlfriend, the 28-year-old Evangelista, who is known in show business as among the most fashionable actresses to date.

Fashionable girlfriend

Meanwhile, Evangelista was considered as a show stealer when she appeared in May 16 during the proclamation ceremony given by the Commission on Elections for the top 6 senatorial candidates. The event was held in Pasay City at the Philippine International Convention Center or PICC.

It seemed that even Sen. Escudero was surprised when Evangelista suddenly came to him right after he received his own certificate of proclamation. She immediately reached out her hand to Escudero, who was again surprised when she gave him a single peck on his cheek.

Evangelista proved that she is a fashion icon. She wore a white dress that looked classy on her. Some people asserted that she was even the best dressed in that event. Her white dress matched Sen. Escudero’s white barong, which looked decent but not fashionable enough. Observers noted that it was the very first time the controversial couple was seen together in public and in a major political event.

Harsh politics

Sen. Escudero was dragged into the controversial fight between Evangelista and her parents, who went vocal about their disapproval of him. For some time, political analysts said the issue affected Sen. Escudero’s popularity as his ranks in poll surveys fell after that. But in the elections, he managed to be the No. 4 most voted senatoriable overall.

In an interview, Sen. Escudero thanked the people who voted for him for expressing their trust and confidence in him despite all the issues that came to his doorstep prior to the elections. He promised to again serve the Filipinos to return that favor.

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Chiz Escudero Draws Criticisms for His Elections Day Fashion

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