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Ai Ai Delas Alas Breaks Down Upon Confirming Failure Of Marriage

A little short of a month following her controversial wedding in Las Vegas, Nevada, Ai Ai delas Alas has called it quits with her 29-year-old husband, Jed Salang. The Concert Comedy Queen, in an exclusive interview with Boy Abunda aired over ‘The Buzz’ last May 19, revealed that she decided to end the marriage in May 22. The 48-year-old comedienne/actress broke down to tears during that emotional interview.

Delas Alas said she came to her senses following an alleged physical maltreatment from Salang on that day. She has also realized that Salang’s attitude ‘confirmed’ what she called as questionable intentions for tying the knot with her.

In May 2, she recalled that she had another bout of those common physical fights with her husband. That fight was prompted by a disagreement over their celebration for their upcoming first ‘monthsary.’ According to delas Alas, Salang was insisting that they spend the day at a hotel-casino for three days. She strongly rejected the idea because she thought it was not good for him to gamble and that she may draw controversy if people spotted her in a casino.

Fairytale romance

It was the trigger that ignited Salang’s temper. Delas Alas claimed that her husband turned rough. It was a fight that led her to realize many things about their marriage. She admitted that she lasted the relationship that took a year and three months long because of her dream to live a fairytale romance.

This was how delas Alas revealed that her relationship with Salang was not always in a bed of roses. She disclosed that although she tried to paint their relationship as one full of happiness, there were many things that she intentionally concealed not just from the public but also from her children, who she said have always wanted to have a complete family.

She has admitted that even at the first phase of their relationship, Salang was already showing signs of being abusive. Delas Alas said she was intentionally in a state of denial because she hoped that he would eventually improve. Besides, she was already desperate to make their relationship work.

Tip from a friend

Ironically, that same day, May 2, delas Alas just gave Salang a brand new car. Asking for three days in casino was much more, she thought. She also realized that while she was dragged in the floor, she had to end the ordeal because it is becoming hopeless.

To make matters worse, a close friend of Salang allegedly confessed to delas Alas that Salang has a dark motive for marrying her. Delas Alas said according to this informer, Salang would leave her and live with his ex-girlfriend the moment he gets what he wants from her (delas Alas).

At the end of the interview, the tearful delas Alas was thankful that she was given the chance to open her eyes before she incurs further and more serious damage. She has tasked her lawyers to take care of the divorce and all legal matters pertaining to their short-lived marriage.

When asked by Abunda if she would ever change her mind, delas Alas strongly said she would not. She assured her three children that she would be contented with them and resist the urge to get tied to a similar relationship again. This failed relationship has just been another proof that in show business, where there is smoke, there is fire.

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Ai Ai delas Alas Breaks Down upon Confirming Failure of Marriage

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