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Marjorie Barretto Finally Talks About Her Issues

Marjorie Barretto has finally broken her silence about all the issues that have been hounding her lately. Before her exclusive taped interview aired at ‘The Buzz’ last May 19, she also granted an interview to Cinema News and Philippine Entertainment Portal.

This action was in time for her birthday. Last May 18, a birthday dinner was held for her. Gretchen, Jay-Jay, and other siblings who are identified in their side of the fence were spotted at the occasion. It was not surprising that sister Claudine and mom Esterella ‘Inday’ were not around. It was not clear if they were even invited.

Talking about the Barretto family feud, Marjorie readily admitted that she does not see the mess ending soon. She wants the issue to simply end, even if it means relationships are not renewed. In a joking manner, she said the feud would end if the public’s attention is diverted into a new issue, which she hopes would not again involve her.

Hurt by Gia

Marjorie revealed that she was hurt the most by US-based sister Gia’s statement. She was surprised when Gia came out to say her piece amid the family feud. She was more surprised when Gia sounded like she was brainwashed. Gia’s statement was published in April 26, which was an effort to belie the statement earlier issued by their brother Jay-Jay that clearly was in defense of Gretchen.

In her interview with ‘The Buzz,’ Marjorie revealed that she used to be close to Gia. That was why she cried when the latter sided with their mom. Marjorie felt like she was betrayed because she thought Gia knew that she was just a phone call away. Marjorie said Gia should have just called her to clear things up before issuing a public statement about the family feud.

Deeper story

Marjorie reiterated the existence of the deeper story behind this family feud. She simply said that amid the word war, the discussion is being diverted to another issue. Marjorie thinks the center of the family feud that has gone public is not the real root of the problem. Some insiders think that she might be referring to the alleged problem of Claudine.

She just wonders what the family has learned from this issue. Marjorie admits that their family looked like they were serving as bad role models to other families. She even asserted that the family mess has ‘reduced their family name to a joke.’

Photo scandal
In another interview, Marjorie talked about her recent controversial photographs that were uploaded online. Last week, she admitted that she was the woman in those lewd pictures. She reminded everyone that after that admission, she warns that she would file charges against anyone who would be caught continuously disseminating those photos.

She said that because she admitted having owned those pictures, she may cite intellectual property rights violation and invasion of privacy if some people would continue posting those especially over the social media. She also revealed that she still has no idea who the real culprit is behind the leakage of those photos.

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Marjorie Barretto Finally Talks about Her Issues

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