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Derek Ramsay Drops By At The Wake Of Angelica Panganiban’s Adoptive Mom

Amid wild rumors that Angelica Panganiban and John Lloyd Cruz’s alleged breakup, there are even wilder speculations that the actress and her former boyfriend Derek Ramsay are slowly patching things up. It is interesting to note that despite the ugly breakup between Panganiban and Ramsay, there are some people who might keep their link despite everything that happened.

Such was the case when Ramsay dropped by the wake of Melania David Panganiban, the actress’ adoptive mother, last May 16. According to reliable sources, Ramsay brought along boxes of a brand of donuts that he currently endorses.

Unfortunately, for bystanders, it was not the time for the ex-lovers to finally meet face to face after many months. Ramsay went in the afternoon of that Thursday, while Panganiban was scheduled to be on the wake in the evening.

Paying last respect

Insiders revealed that Ramsay did not come unannounced. He reportedly called Panganiban’s older sister to ask for permission if he could come to the wake to give his last respect and condolences. Ramsay personally knows the deceased because he was a live-in partner of Panganiban for about 7 years.

Panganiban’s older sister reportedly asked her (Angelica) if she thinks it would be alright for Ramsay to drop by the wake. In fairness to Panganiban, she immediately said yes, although she might have chosen for them not to personally meet at the venue.

Meanwhile, not many people are aware that Panganiban is currently mourning for her loss. Mrs. Melania Panganiban died last May 15, at about the same time that rumors about Panganiban’s alleged breakup with boyfriend Cruz came out. Since then, Panganiban has remained low-key and has not even made the death of her adoptive mother public. The family is yet to announce details about the sudden death of Mrs. Panganiban. No one is even sure if the family would even opt to make it public.

Adoptive and biological parents

It can be recalled that Panganiban publicly announced in 2010 that she was actually an adopted daughter of Alfredo and Melania Panganiban. She revealed that she has always known this fact even during her childhood years. But she insisted that it is her adoptive mom whom she treats as a real mom. She even disclosed that her biological mother passed away in 2008 and was buried in Singapore, where she was residing.

In 2010, she came out to share her insights when she met her real or biological father. Panganiban is a daughter of Marl Charlson, who is based in the US. She said she has started regularly touching base with him.

News about the death of Panganiban’s adoptive mother came out through her (Angelica) own Twitter account. She had a very personal post (May 16) that talked about how she’s going to miss her mom. Her messages were obviously emotional. She even thanked her mom for adopting her and for giving her a protective and supportive family.

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Derek Ramsay Drops By At The Wake Of Angelica Panganiban’s Adoptive Mom

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