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Close Friends, Employees Defend Jed Salang Against Bashers

Jed Salang is the man of the hour. He is currently among the most sought-after subjects for exclusive interviews especially by local showbiz news organizations. That is because he has yet to air his side of the story about the physical abuse claimed by Ai Ai delas Alas.

The 29-year-old businessman and the 48-year-old movie actress tied the knot in Las Vegas, Nevada in April 3. Barely a month after, in May 2, the couple broke up. According to delas Alas, she decided to call it quits after the alleged emotional and physical trauma she experienced from her husband.

Delas Alas keeps her decision to end the marriage firm. She revealed that she has already assigned her lawyers to take care of the divorce and all other legal matters that may be involved in the painful failure of her short-lived marriage.

Trending Twitter topic

Salang instantly became a hot and trending topic over microblogging site Twitter on Monday morning (May 20). This was a few hours after delas Alas’ exclusive interview was aired by ‘The Buzz’ the previous day (May 19). As expected, the emotional confession of the comedienne-actress gathered sympathy from numerous netizens.

The hashtag #Jed Salang was the sixth most talked about topic over Twitter on Monday morning. It came as no surprise that most of those posts were actually hate tweets about and toward Salang. He was widely bashed by fans, friends, and supporters of delas Alas.

Salang’s defense

Some of Salang’s close friends and colleagues came out to defend him especially from bashers and allegations that he is a physically abusive man. A close friend of his, who opted not to reveal his name in public, described Salang as both a ‘good man’ and at the same time a ‘loving son.’

The same person does not think Salang has violent tendencies, contradicting delas Alas’ claims. This informant said he has never seen Salang display any temper or anger. He revealed that his friend is actually a ‘Mama’s boy.’

As for allegations that Salang might only be after delas Alas’ fortune, his defender reiterated that Salang came from a well-off family. He thinks that Salang and his family could afford whatever material possession delas Alas might share to him.

Several employees of the Salang family’s auto dealership firm in Alabang also came to defend their boss. They attest that Salang is a kind employer. Salang currently works as the general sales manager of the auto dealership.

Sancho reveals

Meanwhile, Sancho, delas Alas’ eldest son, insinuated that a third party was involved in the controversial separation of his mom and Salang. Through his Twitter account, Sancho disclosed to his followers that the alleged third party is a casino employee.

Right after the interview with ‘The Buzz,’ Sancho was quoted as telling some reporters that he would fight until his death for his mother. He said he is hurting now because he could not ease his mom’s emotional pain caused by the breakup. But according to him, his mom asked her to back off because she could fight her own battles.

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Close Friends, Employees Defend Jed Salang against Bashers

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