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Racquel Pempengco Denies Feud With Daughter Charice

The mother of Charice, has graced an interview to deny speculations that the two of them have an ongoing rift. Racquel Pempengco is still hesitant to face the cameras for an interview but she agreed to answer some questions by a showbiz reporter via email. In her email message, she has made some revelations and clarifications regarding the controversy involving her and daughter Charice.

To open the email interview, Racquel immediately clarified that she is in good terms with her daughter, contrary to reports that the two of them allegedly fought because of Charice’s supposed affair with an ‘X Factor Philippines’ contestant. To this, Racquel said that her daughter sent her an email last Mother’s Day to greet her and thank her for all her efforts in raising her.

But the mother admitted that they have occasional misunderstandings, which she said is just normal between a mom and her daughter. She reiterated that children do drastic decisions when they age but she thinks that those are just part of growing up. She even said children should learn their lessons by committing mistakes at times.

Questionable gender

At the center of the rumored rift between the mother and her daughter is the issue behind Charice’s preferred sexuality. Speculations about Charice eloping with Alyssa Quijano (an ‘X Factor Philippines’ finalist) fanned rumors that the international singing sensation could actually be a lesbian.

Racquel did not deny or confirm the issue. She simply asserted that it is only Charice who could give light to the controversy. But Racquel acknowledged that there have been lots of changes that are noticeable about Charice lately. She reiterated that some fans liked those changes while others did not. In the end, she said Charice’s happiness is all that matters.

Rumors on Charice’s relationships

Racquel tried to answer questions about her daughter’s supposed romantic affairs. First, she clarified that she thinks that Charice and Quijano did not elope. The mother cleared that she has no knowledge about the police or the NBI being involved in the issue. She just dismissed it as another rumor. She even revealed that Charice and Quijano knew each other personally before the airing of ‘X Factor’ because they used to meet at amateur singing contests before.

The defensive mother also dismissed rumors that Charice married her US-based manager Courtney Blodding. Racquel said her daughter told her that Blooding is just her manager. About rumors that Charice let some special fans sleep with her in her room, Racquel simply said that it is just normal for girls to sleepover in a friend’s house at times. She emphasized that she also prefers this because she wants to meet and know her daughter’s friends.

Oprah Winfrey

For many months now, people have been asking if Charice is still managed by famous international TV host Oprah Winfrey. To this Racquel disclosed that Charice is not anymore managed by Winfrey but they still get in touch with each other through email.

By the end of the interview, Racquel aired an appeal to Charice to come home. She reiterated that blood will always be thicker than water. She also asked Charice’s supporters to keep on believing in her daughter’s talents no matter what issues arise.

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Racquel Pempengco Denies Feud with Daughter Charice

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