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Donnie Geisler Said That His Family Will Always Support Brother Baron Geisler

Altough Donnie Geisler doesn’t want to comment about the recent incident involving his brother, Baron, he eventually gave in and allowed PEP.PH to ask him a couple of questions.

He said that Baron is okay and that he usually talks with him. This is in connection with Baron’s confrontation with his Kidlat co-star Derek Ramsay.

Ramsay and Baron apparently had an argument during the taping.

But Donnie said that when it comes to the incident on the set, he had no idea about what really happened. He said that Baron might have felt that he can handle the situation with Ramsay, and that is why he didn’t tell Donnie about it.

He said that he will always be there for Baron even though he has been involved in so many scandals.

“But he’s your blood e. So, if he's your blood, whatever he’s going through, we support him pa rin,” Donnie told PEP.PH.
He said that people should also listen to Baron’s side, and not judge him based on what happened. He added that their mother has also been affected by the incident.

Their mother lives with Baron, so she has to “absorb” all the damages happening to Baron. Donnie said though that he doesn’t know what is exactly happening with his brother. Most of the times, he said that Baron is okay. But when it comes to incidents such as the one with Ramsay, Baron doesn’t usually wants to talk about.

“So, binibigyan ko siya ng time na if he has some issues. I don’t think naman na it’s that heavy, pero maybe it’s just inside him na hindi niya lang gustong i-share,” Donnie told PEP.PH.

He said that they have argued a couple of times too, but that couldn’t be avoided because they are brothers.

“I’d like to tell him what I told him the other day, kasi na I’d like you know the people believe in your talent no matter what and that’s what you have to prove to them,” he said.

Donnie added that his brother has to work to redeem himself.

“It’s up to if you become the greatest or you just become mediocre,” he said.

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Donnie Geisler Said That His Family Will Always Support Brother Baron Geisler

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